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    I’m going to echo @shankfx22 a bit but I’ll keep this brief. Simply put I’m frustrated that I missed out on the Midnight Commission opportunity because like Hannah, I basically give what little time I have to focus on fun stuff, to Lust. Yes I follow other ARGs on Instagram but that’s it. MC seemed really neat but I felt like I couldn’t take on yet another ARG. So when I found out that MC was really not…MC, yes I felt pissed off and betrayed especially after “Joyce” and her collegues plead and preached for us to participate and invest to THIS. Now I’m just resigned and accepted that I missed boat–que sera, cest la vie and all that. No mad at anybody, just frustrated.

    So am I willing to just pick a side? No. I have no reason to. OSDM deceived us all in the Compound. The Resistance (yes in a very clever move) was able to recruit some bright folks but under rather deceitful practice.

    How people choose sides and stuff, totally your _path, not my business to judge OOG. I’m electing to stay off to the side, “teamless”. I’ll watch what transpires here on the forum, live vicariously through you all, miss the fuck out of everyone and if I ever find time to participate then awesome.

    And @addisonborn don’t apologize, I actually find your transparency to your initial reaction refreshing and actually, validating. Nobody’s feelings on here are invalid, regardless what we signed up for.


    Personal opinion. Ignore anything you don’t agree with.

    I’m in the group with @shankfx22 and some others where we focused on Lust cause we’re new and focusing on the thing we’re already involved in. I understand why people feel slighted cause yeah- sucks it was secretly Lust and if it wasn’t secret then it people would have been involved. But also, I applaud that it was sneaky as fuck and it did what they OSDM wanted (curious?) and got a SHIT TON OF EMOTION out of us.
    I understand people feel hurt that this was a secret and feel hurt that @111error kept something from us… but THIS IS WHAT WE SIGNED UP FOR. And if you’re going to take it to heart- stop playing. There is literally nothing you can do to change it. It happened. Moving on.
    Personally, since this is my first rodeo, this reveal made me question everything to do with Morgan. It made me question if any of our friendship is even real- or if this is literally what I signed up for. Considering that I actually felt like Andy was my friend, then finding out he was a cactus- that was real for me. Real emotions came out of that. So, same happened with Morgan. I’m confused- not hurt. Cause there is nothing I can do to change it, it happened. Moving on just staying confused. Not worrying about it. Whatever.

    I’m trying to say- this may take time for people, but we have to accept what happened. That, or step away. Do what you need for yourself.


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     Andrew Kasch 

    I share a lot of feelings as @shankfx22 and calmed down a little bit from the shock and frustration of the last 24 hours.

    I also am starting to question myself if fence sitting is the right action. I’ve never really understood my path or place in this story, but when I peel back the layers upon layers, distractions and smoke screens, there’s the undeniable fact that the OSDM might have used me to hurt or kill my old friend (Or did they?).

    If that is what indeed happened, then I realize I can’t sit on the fence with my middle finger extended to the world. I’ll need to point it at those responsible.


    @coryphella, I don’t know what happened to you, but I’m sorry it got violent. That just sucks. I hope you find what your looking for/feel better. 🙁

     Brad Ruwe 

    I second @sfire8. @coryphella I don’t know what OOG things you’re referring to, but I hope they get cleared up. This has been an…. interesting past 2 days for sure. A lot of people are on edge and emotions are high. Truly, I’m sorry you had some OOG negative effects from what happened on Sunday. Wishing you the best with getting those things sorted out.



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