A World of His Own

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    There’s a Twilight Zone episode (season 1, ep.36) called “A World of His Own”. It’s about an author who can control reality through the words he puts on paper. His characters take on a life of their own. But, some of them begin to act in undesirable ways, essentially taking over. So, he re-writes them. Until he realizes that no amount of re-writing will fix the problem and he decides to “erase” them.

    Get to the point, right? Ok. We “know” DLB and CS have been kicked off the project and/or are being pressured by the Investors to do things. And, someone got a call the other day (@kortneydarling, I think?) asking if anyone had heard from either of them in the last 48 hours.

    What if this whole experience is The System? It certainly is “designed to be unknowable”. What if @goldtongue‘s caller was DLB or CS? Maybe they’re fighting back against their own creation by encouraging us to take control?

    Thanks for reading. I’ll sit quietly now and wait for the nice men in white coats to arrive.

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    Ooh that’s interesting!

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