A warm welcome to all lurkers!

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    If iConfidant is really getting several hundred emails, there must be folks who are reading the forums but not actively participating. If that’s you, lurk no more, and join in! New people join Lust all the time. Don’t feel as though you’ve nothing to contribute – just making your voice heard is really helpful especially when we don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on (haha).

    This is a really welcoming community, and the creators themselves have said that the forums are the official game board, so here’s a open invitation. Hope to hear from you soon!

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     Kurt Lohse 

    Hey Izryn, thanks for the call to participate. As a former lurker who is now finding more time to emerge from the shadows, I diving in head first! Cheers.

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     Haley Wilde 

    Thanks for posting this! I was a lurker all throughout Tension and decided to go to Ascension and was blown away. I decided to go all in for Lust, but I’m realizing it’s way harder to do that than I expected- it’s like a full time job keeping up with this all! I’m currently a film student which eats up a lot of my time, but I’m trying to stay active. I’ve found it discouraging at times, but hopefully something good will come for me soon and I can find my place in Lust!

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    I’ve been a lurker, this forum moves very very quickly and im often lost but i plan on being more active and will be attending the OC meetup tomorrow.

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     Carl Webb 

    I’m completely on the same page as @masomoment, though I’ve only mostly lurked. Looking forward to seeing people in OC tonight!

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     Kelly Jordan 

    I regret only lurking during the Tension Experience, and after Ascension I regret not being involved sooner. Thank you for the welcome!

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