A Mysterious Phone Call on 2/19 at 10:28om Central Time

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    I answered my phone to an unavailable call. I didnt have a pen and paper so I’m relying on my memory. I had a woman ask for me by my last name, and said I sounded different than she expected. She vaguely beat around the bush about me having information on what went down at the compound last november. She must have known I only know what I know from second accounts – and asked me what I saw. I told her I believe I knew who she was – – Sarah?… She said yes, and that noah sinclair is their brand. She emphasized it as though it is a brand instead of a person, and the damage imposing such things as I have could have on a brand. She asked what I knew of Noah. I said I saw him myself with my own two eyes at the OOA institute in person during my trip to ascension. She then went on to give a quote about reflecting, and said that sometimes when we see people it may just be someone whom looks like the person we think it is. She said that sometimes people look exactly like the person we think they are, but they are not. She ended by telling me to allow my location to shatter under my greatness, and to rise. She kept asking if I understood. I wasn’t sure if this was someone pretending to be Sarah so I was a little hesitant. I even stated how do I know that she is not someone trying to find out what I know because she does not know. She also asked me what I knew about the OSDM more than one time. She ended by saying she would see me soon enough and she looked forward to it. I wanted to end by saying “Yes, because obviously I am wealthy enough and that’s all that really matters here” although I didn’t say it… Goddamn lust is created already based on what I lusted to say but for some reason couldn’t.

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    Congratulations, @immortalconqueror! Looks like you are truly wealthy– worthy! This is certainly a big deal– the first phone contact with Sarah S. and the first direct mention of the Noah System in weeks. They must have been jealous that everyone was talking about Darren and mirrors all weekend. This is all incredibly intriguing– especially the apparent revelation that Noah Sinclaire is a brand first and a person second (and maybe never?) This brings up something @lilmsfancpants and I were talking about today: how much of this meta-narrative extends to the Lust/Noah information we had before the book signing? In the book Noah is listed as a character (albeit without a last name) and he is played by Levi Petree. The same goes for Michelle, played by Mary Sommers. If we talk about Sabrina as Sabrina AND Addison, Myles as Myles AND the photographer, London as London AND Sentinal, then is it reasonable that at some point Noah will cease to be simply Noah? And is this the first hint of that time? Where is the meta line?

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    Noah is definitely a brand. She said it more than once. She asked what I knew about the osdm to which I said she didn’t know her self, did she. She seemed threatened by my mentioning that I knew Noah and the osdm were responsible for what happened last November at the compound. That was specifically what she was calling me about. Also, maybe reference to everyone in the cast/crew – someone we have seen looks exactly the same but is not that person for sure.
    Now on to meeting her soon as I was promised! 😉

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @immortalconqueror — the dice are rolling!

    I want to be certain I read this correctly — she said, “allow your location to shatter under your greatness, and to rise”?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Also, @immortalconqueror, were you “chosen”?

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    I believe I was chosen. I was told congratulations in the first email, and to answer a couple questions so they could know more or something along those lines. That part about my location was a direct response to my answer to the question in the email about what was holding me back from achieving what I want the most.

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    Here was my initial response, Larry.
    “I need to learn more about how I can dominate my life. I have a lust for Noahs teachings, and I will be selected because one day I will conquer Noah. He soon will answer to me. ”

    I received this email in response:
    Dear Tyler:

    This is confirmation that we have received your correspondence indicating your interest in Noah Sinclair and The System.

    Congratulations, this small step has already proven that you are more capable than most of the people around you, and rest assured, you are now well on your way to getting exactly what you deserve.

    In order to process you as a potential candidate for future training, seminars and life coaching, we will need the following information:

    • complete name:

    • number:

    • address:

    • what you desire most in this world:

    • what you believe is holding you back from getting it:

    Looking forward to your responses,

    Sarah Sinclair
    Chief Operating Officer
    Noah Sinclair, Inc.

    My response to that was two emails as follows :
    Awesome. It’s not Tyler, my name is Tyson. Tyson Lenard. That’s the only time you will mess that up, I’m sure. I’ll be honest, after seeing Noah firsthand as a member of the OSDM he should have access to this information. **My answers to those questions omitted**

    Second response after a day or two without response:

    I have tried calling. I’m going to state once and only once that I am currently out of the country; however, Noah needs to be in touch when I return next week. I witnessed the blood bath that went down last November. Let him know that if he doesn’t want to cooperate with me, I understand. I could care less about the OOA. If Noah isn’t willing to work with me he’s working against me… and I’m going to do what I have to do to ensure Noah doesn’t get in my way anymore. Sadly Sarah, youve really become more of a pawn than you ever were before. Pawns can definitely get an upgraded role with the right player… unlike noah I am actually capable of making you reach the other side. Keep that in mind. I will be expecting to hear from noah soon.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Very interesting. I’m just going to sit here and work on a script and not pay anyyyyyyyyy attention to what’s going on so that I can allow my developing hypothesis to…develop…and not distract me from my greatness.

    (Yes, I already have a theory. Shhhh)

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