A Lesson to all

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     Kevin Hsu 

    24 hour Periscope of not being active. #temporarilysilent

     Nicole Mae 

    Very convincing, shadow Noah


    Yea, we’ll get right on that @maddyxxx.


    See you guys in 24 hrs!

     Andrew Kasch 

    Random thought: Anyone else find it strange that Noah is still communicating through his rogue account name? Kinda weird considering he’s not “on the run” anymore and back with The System…

    Unless someone else is using it…


    Awesome timing there “Noah”.

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    @maddyxxx So by “take a digital break” you actually mean “keep your eyes glued to your phones/computers like your lives depend on it” riiiight??


    “Stay off social media. It’s all garbage entheta put out by bitter SPs. Go out and clear the world.”


    I would LOVE to take a digital break!! But apparently that’s not happening today.

     Brian E 

    I love how everyone is sure this is Noah, when there’s zero proof, who knows how many people have access to this forum and the @maddyxxx account.

    Hey Noah make a Periscope with what you want done next, I don’t buy that any of this is coming from the system. Maybe this is the secret plan The Midnight Commission / BOS has been working on in secret, too much is happening that I’m in the dark on, so although it’s an insanely busy day, I find myself glued to the the screen.

    The streisand effect is real. Welp looks like it’s going to be an interesting day. Maybe @maddyxxx is telling us to all leave cause that will just mean we all look just a bit harder. Still don’t believe or feel like this is a post from Noah Sinclair though.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    That’s really easy for you to say @maddyxxx. No one’s trying to frame you for murder.


    I, for one, feel like I’ve experienced too much “real life” this past week. I’ll be watching my screen.



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