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    If I could ask everyone to indulge me for a very brief moment I would like you to consider the following statement:

    “Today the world is full of extremes.”

    Now how does everyone feel about that statement?

    I, regretfully, find it to be quite true.

    I have observed human nature and public opinion for some time now and I believe that people lend themselves towards a more black and white way of thinking when it comes to their feelings and opinions.

    If you currently enjoy something, it is the absolute very best! If you currently do not, it is the all-time worst thing in the very world!

    What was hot yesterday is cold tomorrow and what is new today is so unbelievably, positively ground breaking and exciting! Ritual and sacrifice seem to be the only principals that stand the test of time.

    Speaking of, flashes-in-the-pan do come and go and go some of you have seem to up and went! Fair enough I suppose. Is that very abusive of me to say Bradley? Or is that mayhaps another example of an extremist outlook? Let’s move on.

    I would like to talk about how this extremism effects our business and our investments.

    Previously we had a few poor souls who tried to relay what was expected of our investments with rather base statements like, “only the active move forward”. Wait, I may have gotten ahead of myself, who are our investments?

    Why, that would be you, the person reading this very long message and wondering what new development it will bring. You are what we are invested in and I would hope, we have made this very clear, you are our currency. Your voice allows for the clock to wound.

    “only the active move forward.” pedestrian, but true. Those who make their presence known to us are in turn showing us that our investment within them grows. Like a flower who punches through the earth we will give water, to ensure it blossoms.

    The question for us becomes, are you a good investment? Are you worthy of saving, destroying or throwing to the waste side?

    Today the answer appears to be that we simply don’t know.

    Please, do not be offended, I mean that we can no longer show our currency in one clean, big shiny pile.

    I wonder if extreme opinions about us or one another has lead you to scatter to various hidden corners to speak these views in private, where you can’t be seen and counted, but please stop that. Stop that right this instant.

    If we can’t count you and your voice then we simply can’t keep the lights on any longer. All of you are smart enough by now to realize that the new currency is data. Without us being to see our data, it doesn’t exist.

    We have never asked for a dollar for all of… THIS, only that you show up and you participate.

    Now some may feel that our forums are antiquated and that it is too hard to read everything in the “activity feed” if everyone is chatting away to and fro.

    So, we have decided to open our own chat room. Please find an invitation here: https://goo.gl/S4Ag1f. In doing so we must insist that you PLEASE come out of your hidden corners to be active, to be counted and to be forever more, never silent!

    In their sins we do bow,


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    I agree with this course of action and choose not to hide but to deal openly with my fellow participants.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Well that’s a “called the fuck out” if I ever heard one.

    Hello, Joyce. You have my fucking attention.

     Buz Wallick 

    This is fantastic. Joining up now.


    Thank you, Joyce.

    Join us over there, friends, for your instant gratification.


    In their sins we do bow,

    I am interested. ALL the interested. Indeed, never silent.


    I feel like I’m on a ride at Disneyland and the lights just came on and we’re being evacuated off. I hear you, Joyce and I want for you to be able to hear me.

     Tim Redman 

    It’s about time


    Thanks Joyce Carlberg,
    I totally agree. We have paid nothing and you give ALOT! I am sincerely trying to be engaged, truly. I try to post a few times a day, ask questions, completed the tasks for The System, and showed up when given the opportunity. I’m all in, if that’s what you are asking for?


    Great… another platform we always have to be checking that interrupts our daily life even more with technology. This is the total opposite point of tuning out and pay attention. And to feel forced to join or you will be ignored and left behind, what choice do you have if you still want to follow the story? Seems like you’re fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t. Well fuck me!!

     Buz Wallick 

    Okay so…

    The boards will remain main game board, and slack can be used for immediate discussion/off topic business.

    So with that being said…

    What the hell does H.C.D.I. mean?! And who is JOYCE?!

    Is this the new organization that the OSDM became? Or did they create the OSDM. Or is it just another organization all together with differing but similar goals.

    The slack is 100% going to be used to gage our emotional reactions on a more immediate level.


    “In their sins, we do bow…” I feel like we are going to be participating in or watching some serious sinning going down. I’m up for it.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Received and understood. Time to crawl out of the shadows now.

    I’m willing to bet that whatever HCDI is, they are the “we” that reached out to @meghanmayhem.



    Also, again, it seems like the response to (paraphrasing) “sacrifice for their Freedom” And this new piece of the puzzle: “In their sins we do bow.” Someone/something is better, sins better, Is better, Is worth your subservient-ness to their freedom. Our servitude is their gateway.

    (Just throwing words out, a smattering, if you will)
    Him, He, His? Command? Community?, Dusk? Darkness? Due?, Ideal? Incident? Identity?

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    I’m kinda already confused by Slack though? I joined, but don’t see anyone else on there? Or any channels or threads? Too soon?

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