9/9 – Mason Call

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    M: Hello Chelsea.

    C: Hi Mason, You made a whole lot of people very, very angry last night!

    M: I can have that effect. Did it make you angry?

    C: Honestly, no. But I believe I’m the outlier on this one. I really didn’t like her much. BUT. I’m very aware of the line crossing into recklessness.

    M: What are you doing right now?

    C: I’m curled up with a book.

    M: I was wondering – Would you like to meet for coffee? With me? Either tomorrow or Monday at the latest?

    After letting him know that I was busy tomorrow until 4pm, and that I work on Monday but should be able to more or less slip out, he said he’d be in touch soon, said goodnight and hung up. This should be interesting.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    As much fun as anarchy can be to watch, it’s dangerous to step into the wall of wind.
    He loves fucking with people. You are no exception, I am sure.
    You are a smart woman, and a clever one too…but beware his intentions.
    He has betrayed the BOS, proudly and smugly so. Remember that.

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    Sounds like Mason is the source the titular Lust

    Enjoy that “coffee”

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    I’m with you, @chelsea. Violence of that kind is awful in general, but I was largely baffled by last night’s reaction. @joycecarlberg said she took no pleasure in her part of whatever atrocities happened at the retreat, but she participated none the less. In her most vulnerable moment she admitted to bald ambition, doing what she thought was necessary to rise through the ranks of the OSDM. She’s not a victim. She’s a casualty of a war she was willingly helping to escalate. And she sure sounded like she was having fun last time we heard from Jenna. I do not endorse Mason or Briarberg, but there are people more worthy of our tears. Wherever Joyce was last night, that message wasn’t written for us. I think she knows she doesn’t deserve pity. She certainly doesn’t have mine.

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     Twan Intarathuch 


    I know you all might push back on this, but use the buddy system if its somewhere dark and secluded. It might be no fun and not so thrilling, but meeting this fucker in dark fields alone just doesn’t sit right with me.

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    Ask if he likes his coffee with cream, sugar or two whaps of a baseball bat.

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     Robert Fuller 

    @macbethinabathtub Of course, we don’t know what atrocities Joyce committed. Maybe they just made her make an Air Bud movie or something.

    Regardless, no one deserves to be beaten with a baseball bat and held hostage. I don’t care what she may or may not have done, she deserves sympathy.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @macbethinabathtub Very well put, Chris. I couldn’t agree more. She seemed to find great pleasure in knocking around the tetherball but was shocked when it swung back around on her. I don’t condone Mason’s methods, but Joyce was playing a dangerous game with some very unsavory characters.

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    @chelsea and Mason sitting in a tree K.I.L.L.I.N.G. ? ?

    Seriously though, be careful, Mason seems the type to switch emotions on a dime. Don’t want to see you or anyone else on the other end of a bat.

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    I’m fully aware that I’m being fucked with, and that I’m a pawn, a tool, a means to some goal. What I don’t know yet, is what that goal is. Maybe I’m just one of the few people not expressing outrage that Joyce is gone (and I’m not entirely convinced that’s true, but we will go into that theory later). I’m hoping to find out over coffee. But I know I won’t be told anything he doesn’t want me to know.

    @macbethinabathtub Yuuuuupppppp. I’m hoping she’s actually gone and this wasn’t a ploy for one thing or another. One theory I’m floating around is they wanted to see what happened when the group was at their angriest. Anger can make people absolutely terrifying. If they know what the group looks like at their most dangerous, they cannot be surprised. Joyce doesn’t need to be gone for this to happen.

    And yes, I’ll be careful. And no, fuck the buddy system. But thanks for the concern. ;-P

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    Update: Mason and I are meeting tomorrow night. 9:30pm.

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     Tim Redman 

    Do you need to borrow a bat?

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    Update 2.0: Meeting at 8pm.

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     Lawrence Meyers 


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    @larry I just spat water all over my car hahaha. Hilarious.

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    @larry I just spat water all over my car. Hilarious.

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    Keep those legendary wits about you tonight, @chelsea. ?

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