8/5 Midnight Commission Event

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    @111error, thank you for the detailed response! It’s exactly what I personally need at least to follow along and stay up to date on this experience!

    Now, since I like keeping track of things: the seven secret BOS agents are Kevin 1, Kevin 2, Cara, Clay, Addison, Lauren?, and Brad (maybe)?


    Oh, wait… not Lauren, but Rizzo?


    @sfire8 You’re welcome, I’m glad it helped! To clarify though, none of the people who attended last night are ‘agents’, secret or otherwise. They were supporters of BOS (or BOS-Curious) who were brave enough to face the darkness. They’ve survived an experience and shown they can be relied upon, which obviously might prove useful in the future if I suddenly need to assemble a task force, but we do not maintain a hierarchy of authority, we leave that to groups who need that sort of guff to compel people to stay and climb the ladder.


    Some thoughts. Late, because…well, I’m busy.
    You’ve seen that episode of Big Bang Theory with the two goth girls and one of them keeps saying “not that anyone actually cares?” That’s about where I’m at here.

    1. Regarding BOS last year vs. this year – I, too, carry baggage and hurt from last year and as much as I would love to say that I’m not judging anything about this year’s BOS based on last year, that would be a lie. Last year was about MORE than just one person, and anyone who says differently is kidding themselves. I am fine now with everyone who was involved but what I don’t like are “sides,” and “wars,” and all that it inevitably leads to – THAT is what I’m against. And that’s what I’m biased against, with BOS.

    2. Furthermore, I also didn’t jump into any other ARGs because I frankly don’t have time for them and also don’t live in LA. I’m going to do Lust because I’ve been one of the core players here since the beginning and intend to stay as long as I can, but otherwise I’m *not* going to start new LA experiences unless there’s some REALLY compelling reason. No Jake, no Loneliness, no Boanthropic, no Midnight Commission. I also foolishly jumped to defend Lust and say that we should stay away from those other ARGs, and did so with my clever polyamory metaphor, which is probably the 3rd time during Lust that I have done something like that only to be found out that the thing I was up in arms about was Lust itself. So, fuck that shit. If defending Lust burned calories I wouldn’t have to exercise. So, I had zero chance of being involved in the resistance at all, because I never once thought that MC was them. Hell I even told other players who suspected it that they were wrong.

    3. I was cut out of all emails from the Sinclairs from the start, which means nothing has come to me about any of the Sinclair-related things. So, with no contact with the Sinclairs and none with the Resistance, exactly how am I supposed to plug into *either* side? Especially given that I’m not in Los Angeles. My one shot to join a “side” was with @joycecarlberg at Bryan’s house that night, and I haven’t heard from her since, so that happened, and I’m never brought up as being a part of that. If I am supposed to choose between Noah and the Resistance, I’m not sure exactly why I should choose either since all I’ve got to go on is one weird phone call about whips. This has not been designed to make *me* want to be a part of *either* side.

    So, personally, I am feeling quite similarly to @kasch. I’m the last to know things. I’m behind and catching up, always. And I’m not sure exactly why I’m supposed to want to be on either side, so I’m not. It all seems incredibly cliquish. I don’t care if you’re withholding information. I’m not interested in what information you’re withholding. I got up early to find out what happened, and when I figured out that I wasn’t going to know, I just shrugged and went back to bed. I wasn’t surprised. I mean, to me, that’s a problem – when I just don’t care, because I’m not involved. I’ve wanted to be, and I’ve tried to be, but the truth is I’m not going to throw my panties at some pick up artist asshole who wants to yell at me and make me post shit on Facebook when I’m not able to actually attend any of the events or meet him in person.

    I don’t need to be lectured, either, on how to talk to Noah Fucking Sinclair or how he’s like a special cupcake rainbow unicorn hedgehog that poops frappuccinos on Tuesdays and must be handled with the utmost care lest he flip the fuck out. I don’t need to convince Noah or Joyce or Morgan why I should be on their side, if they need that of me then they don’t want me anyway. Sides are dumb. Sides are boring. Sides are so last year.

    So, @maddyxxx and @joycecarlberg, I’m here and my phone is on, and you can call me while I’m in Scotland (hell, Noah already did) because I’m paying for it anyway. And Noah, they sell this thing here called “scotch” which I’ve had quite a bit of, if you’d like me to bring some back for you I’m already spending a shitton of money to do this for other people.

    Otherwise, I’m signing off for now.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Man, it’s almost as if those leaked emails spoke ill of participants engaging in other ARGs because the Investors were trying to keep people away from TMC specifically…but no, that certainly couldn’t be the case…


    Man, it’s almost as if there’s a subtext to my post that went over your head…but no, that certainly couldn’t be the case.


    ‘Foul mouthed Englishman’ can be abbreviated to just ‘Englishman’..
    Last night was intense and revealing, for all of us, and I’m so glad it was meaningful to you too. Continue to question us, our motives and methods, and always seek to verify we are still what we purport to be. Sycophants can be bought, but the support of skeptics is priceless.

    @111error It was intense and revealing and I’m appreciative of the experience. I will continue to question BOS’s methods and motives (and I hope other members will as well). I know you have your reasons for utilizing some methods similar to OSDM, and I’m sure you know I’ve been critical of those reasons. However, last night demonstrated what BOS is truly capable of. If we want to be better, we have to be better, and hopefully we can all work together to achieve BOS’s goal while reaching higher.

    @bcbishop I’m sorry for any hurt this may have caused, and I hope I’m able to explain my reasoning to you and the rest of TeamJoyce in the future. Thank you for being able to respect my decision (even if you couldn’t help but sneak a little snark in). As I told Morgan in my email to him for The Midnight Commission, though your convictions differ from mine, I’ll commend you for holding fast to them. Perhaps you’ll be able to understand Morgan’s conviction in the way I now do.

    @sfire8 But which Kevin is which? 🙂

     Brad Ruwe 

    Follow up to my post from last night, now that I’m back home and 2 CAPS shots deep.

    It appears some felt my response to the evening here was me “jumping ship” from @111error and the BOS. Far from it. My position with BOS was solidified the moment the TMC was revealed to be BOS. Talking about the BOS after last night didn’t feel like it was right, because it wasn’t new information. Anyone who I’ve talked with in this experience knows how I feel about the OSDM. I could’ve posted all I wanted to last night about “I’M ON BOARD THE BOS TRAIN!” and it would’ve added nothing.

    What DID change after last night was some feelings regarding Noah and The System. Specifically about Noah’s offer to bring be back in for The System event next weekend. To say Noah has rubbed me the wrong way would be an understatement. But to see Morgan welcome those who disagreed with him in the form of @kevin was quite eye opening. It was a reminder that even if we don’t agree with someone, it’s no reason to shut them out and ignore what they have to say. He brought Kevin in as an “outsider”, showed him what he was all about, and based on Kevin’s post sounds like he made a convert out of him.

    Now I don’t expect to convert Noah into some resistance fighter (for all we know he may already be one, but who the hell knows). BUT I look at that lesson I learned last night, to welcome those who you disagree with, to hear them out, and it’s a reminder that even if Noah and I butt heads, that I shouldn’t outright shut him out.

    Last night I was exposed to the darkness, and inside that darkness I found a truth. The BOS is for real.


    Everyone, I am really and truly sorry for my post last night, which didn’t at all say what it intended to say and instead sounded like a bunch of entitled whining. I was in no way trying to complain about the interaction that I have received here, and am not even going to attempt to go into what I WAS trying to say. But my complaints were never meant to be against Lust, and I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet now.


    I’m very proud of Everyone’s journeys! How exciting!

    The dark can be a frightening place. I guess that it just depends if someone has been illuminated by a match that can be used up quickly, then expires or by a flashlight, long lasting and re-chargeable.

    I enjoy the metaphor of the abyss; combating it, illuminating it, but what value does any of it have to someone who does not, and never has, feared the dark?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @theladyj Everyone fears the dark. Not the physical dark. The darkness within. We all have it. Shadows. Complexes. They are there. Keep telling yourself you aren’t afraid of them…. 🙂


    Speak for yourself @larry-meyers

    Being aware is not the same as being afraid. I’m not afraid, not ashamed or embarrassed about my demons and complexes.

    I don’t, and refuse to give the abyss power over me. People don’t surprise me anymore, in their evil, charity, selfishness, mercy and anarchy.

    More importantly, I’ve stopped surprising myself. The dark just doesnt have that frightening edge like it use too. I’m too old for boogy-men I guess.

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