8/5 Midnight Commission Event

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     Andrew Kasch 

    I agree with @bcbishop. I was resistant to pick a side and was even critical of BOS’ tactics and what some of their members were doing (hell, I missed the whole jaw-dropping reveal because I wasn’t paying attention to other ARGs, something that still annoys me to no end). Whether they want to believe it or not, there is still a stigma attached to this group due to the events of Tension, and I wanted to make damn sure that this would be different. But I went ahead and gave them the benefit of the doubt and solved their cipher system and jumped through their hoops…

    The result? I was ignored in their email blast and was the last to learn what their plans were for last night (which is pretty indicative of my entire Lust experience, if I’m being honest). I assume it’s because I dared to question them at certain points.

    That tells me that they have no interest in engaging with people or doing anything beyond preaching to the choir. They just want folks to come to them and fall in line and blindly pledge allegiance. And their members are being as tight lipped and cryptic as last year.

    That’s not rebellion, that’s zealotry at worst and a clique clubhouse at best.


    @blondie Bryan wouldn’t say that, no way. He’s saying BOS’s tactics may be appealing to a sense of fear and desire for exclusivity. Every one of you are highly intelligent or you would not be here.

    But ask what BOS needs you for. Ask why they say they want to be open with their mission yet exclude so many of you.


    I am baffled… We all have exactly the same information on which to base our decisions. Every e-mail has been shared on here, on slack, on TMC slack. There is no secrecy. There is only the amount of attention you decide to give to those different platforms, which speaks only to YOUR engagement. Those who continue to align themselves with BOS are VERY aware of the accusations levelled at them in the past and as such, are being as transparent as possible.

    Being open to a cause is more than solving ciphers and demanding attention, while criticising at every oppprtunity based on things that happened LAST YEAR. Not everyone chosen was “part of the choir” – look at @cara and @kevin for example…

    I have no idea what happened last night, but I am sure all will become clear. No point in stamping feet and pouting at not being picked


    Is there a reason why nobody can say what happened last night?? Some of us waited up to hear this part of the experience… Did someone tell you not too? Who? Can you say why?


    I hold nothing against BOS for whatever happened last year. This now is a wholly different organization. I would however use the same argument to explain my support for Joyce and OSDM; my experience THIS year (not part of the Experience last year) and my contact with them has not given me, personally, a good enough reason to stand against them at this time.


    And I totally respect that @wanda102 – my last post was not directed at you ❤

     Buz Wallick 


    Those who continue to align themselves with BOS are VERY aware of the accusations levelled at them in the past and as such, are being as transparent as possible.

    I hold, admittedly; baggage from last year but I’m trying to give this new BOS a bit of breathing room. Especially now that Morgan is leading it.

    However it is difficult because there is zero admittence from BOS that perhaps their attitudes haven’t been the greatest either. I’m sure I’ll get hit with a snarky blast but for once it’d be nice to be met in the middle.

    On my end though I’m going to continue to try and be supportive even if I disagree, because we at least need to see this sapling grow before we know if it’s a venus fly trap or a womping willow.

    Hope BOS can do the same.


    Everyone wondering “why aren’t they telling us everything” or “why wasn’t I picked” – why do you immediately assume the negative?

    There are many reasons something might not be shared.

    For safety considerations, both for the individual and for the safety of the organization. Maybe it contained moments so EXTREMELY personal that nobody’s comfortable sharing at this moment. Maybe last night’s activities weren’t meant for you. Maybe your application didn’t land. Maybe you can use this as a way to become comfortable with the unknown.

    It was an experience that via recollection can’t be properly expressed. It was a night that required each guest to be entirely and completely engaged and in the moment – everything experienced last night was real, it was honest, it was a testament to the capabilities of the BOS.

    Though the results may not be immediately apparent, everything that happened last night gave the OSDM a reason to fear us. And they will continue to fear us.

    To everyone saying “by committing to your ‘new savior’ you’re just as bad” – No. It doesn’t matter who’s the face of an organization like this. Morgan is one of my best friends, but I don’t give a shit if he’s at the top of the new BOS. It could be the fucking Easter Bunny, George Washington, or Ken Griffey Jr. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that the ideals of that organization align with the ideals of its’ members, and that the members are empowered and given agency.

    From my POV, the things you need to know about last night –
    – Everyone present was there for a reason.
    – Everyone not present was not present for a reason.
    – BOS is no longer just a boogieman under the OSDM’s bed.
    – We are going to burn them to. the. fucking. ground.

    I’ll no doubt be getting heat about not meeting halfway on this. And I’m not going to meet halfway on this. Last night happened for a reason. I’m sorry that reason is not apparent at this moment. I have no doubt it will be, and I’m sure this is something we can all laugh about while roasting marshmallows over the OSDM’s smoldering remains.


    Don’t stand on one side because they haven’t give you a reason to step away. Stand on their side because they’ve given you reason to stand with them.

    Looks like a lot of BOS members were given a solidified reason last night. Also surprised that if this was such and :eye: opening night, why they’d keep silent if it could possibly move others to join with them.

    Something must be brewing.

    (Note, I wrote this before Addison’s post came up.)

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     Andrew Kasch 

    This isn’t about getting butt hurt over not getting picked for the basketball team.

    To be clear, I *WANT* BOS to do better, especially since Jenna was a founding member. But she’s gone and I haven’t seen much beyond cries of “burn it all down!”

    I’m curious what this “transparency” is that you speak of, considering they’ve only operated under cover of darkness or other ARGs and there’s been virtually no engagement beyond “find us and maybe we will choose you if we think you’re worthy.” Not exactly the best way to start a rebellion. Right now, they seem even more like the OSDM than last year, when they were actually being run by the OSDM.


    @bcbishop I hope from what you know about me thus far it’s fair to say I’m cautious about following things blindly. When someone tells me to jump, I typically want to know why.

    @thebuz I am well aware of the bad reputation BOS have as I asked a lot of questions of members who experienced it firsthand. I do, however, believe in second chances. I can’t speak to things that were done before my involvement but I can say that I won’t partake in anything I deem unethical or cruel.

    @kasch I wish I could say more. @addisonborn perfectly articulated it. I hope you can understand.

    @blondie Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt! ❤️

    And to everyone else, I thank those of you who are supportive or understanding and for those who aren’t, you’re entitled to your opinion. Let’s just try and make sure we treat each other a little better this time around. I’ve heard stories of the last round and I don’t want to see that happen again. Here’s to whatever may come…

     Buz Wallick 


    I am well aware of the bad reputation BOS have as I asked a lot of questions of members who experienced it firsthand. I do, however, believe in second chances. I can’t speak to things that were done before my involvement but I can say that I won’t partake in anything I deem unethical or cruel

    Perhaps my messaging is off… I was essentially calling to give BOS a second chance (my words being “breathing room”).


    @thebuz Totally. Just wanted to reassure you of that. I won’t abide by any of the behavior I’ve heard about.


    @addisonborn, fair enough. Thank you for providing at least some explanation, this is very helpful for us trying to follow along!

    I do want to ask in all sincerity and no ill will, what exactly are the “ideals of the organization that align with the ideals of it’s members?”

    Can you provide more info on the “ideals” of the BOS? So that I can understand.

     Kevin Hsu 

    @bcbishop, @kasch, and @sfire8 have valid concerns about exclusivity and secrecy. Last night’s event only included 7 people and no details were shared. SUS!

    Honestly, the BOS is trying for inclusivity and transparency. @daela shared the listenersnine email here for transparency. #thebos slack channel is public for inclusivity. Bear with us as we step out of the ashes of the former BOS and try to brush away the sins of our past.

    I know #neversilent but we also have to be aware that they’re #alwayswatching
    “…we’re under intense observation right now…” -listener nine email

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