8/30 Recordings call

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      It sounded like half of a phone convo. Not 100% sure who the voice is. Guessing either Darren or Clint, just compared against a recording of Darren and it doesn’t sound like him, but could be? Don’t have Clint’s voice on hand.

      EDIT THIS IS 10000% CLINT.

      Yeah I saw them.

      No, you’re right, it wasn’t funny.

      Yes, I’m taking this seriously, it just.. what the hell are we supposed to do?

      If that’s what they want, then just do it. Why do we have these conversations every time? You like to pretend you have a choice in the matter.

      No I care! It’s just..look man, I have given up.

      Because what’s the alternative?

      There’s there’s.. listen.

      There’s no play here. We do it, we fig-

      I know it goes against the narrative, but we’ve figured it out before

      We don’t even know what they’re- we don’t even know-

      I think he’s real

      Either that or we’re crazy


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      Who’s got that head exploding gif handy?

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       Bryan Bishop

      It was Clint?

      Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

      They think Mason is real.

      This is why Stephanie said “it wasn’t theater.” NONE OF THEM KNOW WHO THE FUCK THIS GUY IS.

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      Welp, we’re all fucked and it’s back to trying to bring ol’ Anoch around again???

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      Still fucked.

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       Hannah Schenck

      I’d say I’m 80% sure that it was Clint in the call @chelsea and I received…

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       Hannah Schenck

      Also, backing up @bcbishop in reference to Stephanie, she DID mention to me amongst us texting yesterday after the recordings that it wasn’t a joke and “Who the fuck did this?”. She also asked how a recording of her had been created and referred to whoever had this recording as “THEY”, so who is Mason working with??

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       Bryan Bishop

      A couple things now that I’ve picked my brain pieces up off the floor.

      This call infers STRONGLY that Darren and Clint are in creative control. They are working for The Investors (or someone) who pulls the strings and clearly likes to throw curve balls, but they’re not fired, or any of the other stuff we’ve been told. This is their narrative that’s been spun.

      Except for Mason. Who is new. And not from them. And they don’t control him, because he is real.

      This all strongly infers that EVERYTHING we have experienced up until Mason was fake. Bullshit. Theater. All of it. Part of a narrative Clint Sears and Darren Lynn Bousman have been spinning.

      But Mason is not in-game, and he’s not a character. He is real.

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      We all know how “they” love smokescreens. Isn’t a little too convenient that @addisonborn gets a call that is over hearing another call right when he made the sigil discovery?

      What if Clint was feeling the heat and….there was no phone call. There was no one on the other end and this was him to get us to focus on this shiny new object so we forget about everything else we were working on. We’re playing right into their hands.

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      So if this is definitely Clint, it would confirm that he and DLB are still involved. Presumably that means he’s still stuck writing for OSDM…or The Lust Experience…or The Investors…or who the hell even knows now.

      That calls into question whether everything we’ve been through with The System, iConfidant, and everything prior to Mason has been scripted out. Are Noah and Horace real people that they’ve been forced into writing dialogue for and directing through events? Are they all just actors as Otis seemed to suggest to @russell? If it’s the actor thing, who’s keeping DLB and CS in line and what is their real end goal here?

      If Mason isn’t from them, where did he come from and what the hell is The Briarberg Foundation?

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      “If that’s what they want, just do it!” Do what?! ?

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       Andrew Kasch

      A few days ago, I saw Darren at a party and I started making jokes about the “game crasher.”
      He showed me texts from Stephanie saying how freaked out she was by Mason.

      He is definitely the wild card here.

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       Bryan Bishop

      @kasch And let’s not forget who started the narrative of “Creepy investors are following me!” and “Clint and I got fired!”

      It was Darren directly — to me and @julierei.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Hey guys, as you know I got a call again…

      Does it work now?

      God damnit man, I can’t even get into the fucking master account

      I tried, what is the password to the creators?

      Well, it is saying invalid password.

      Jesus christ, dude, it’s changed again. Try it on your end.

      Fuck, this is too much, I can’t keep up with this fucking nonsense.

      I mean I have no idea what is fucking happening half of the time.

      You’re fucking half way across the country, I run into these people at events and have to talk in double and triple entendres…

      Call abruptly ends. *I got another call right after but it was literally dead silence. I thought I could maybe hear some whispering in the background, but I couldn’t make it out in RL or my recording*

      I sent the recording to @bcbishop to get clarification on whether or not it was Clint and he confirmed to me that it is not Clint.


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      @shankfx22 does this match up with another call? Like if we alternated the lines, does this fit with another recording?

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      Heres clints voice!



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       Meghan Mayhem

      You’re fucking half way across the country, I run into these people at events and have to talk in double and triple entendres…

      That line right there confirms for me it’s DLB talking to Clint.
      They’re trying to login to @the-creators and the password is changed. Which means someone else is speaking on their behalf.

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       Brad Ruwe

      So…. when did these calls take place? I feel like they’re recent, but who knows, this all could’ve gone down months ago.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      “What if this is not theater?”

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       Hannah Schenck

      @lilmsfancpants I am pretty sure that this is part of the recording I heard yesterday, or at least the same time frame, and this was RIGHT before he got angry and said “fuck this” and hung up.

      It’s definitely Darren, 1,00000%… And now I’m pretty sure that this is the recording we heard yesterday and misinterpreted who was speaking and what context was said

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      We’re fucked.

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       Hannah Schenck

      @nothenrygale It either is all recent, or this happened back when @mychild had its 15 minutes of fame and took over the forums

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       Brad Ruwe

      @shankfx22 My thinking exactly. It’s either this week when people got locked out of their accounts, or MyChild running amok. Of course, there’s always Option C of “Something we aren’t even close to thinking about.”

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      Yup. That’s the recording, or a very similar recording, to the one that I got. Thanks for getting all of this, @shankfx22!

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