8/2 Follow up call from Noah

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    Noah just called and woke me up (I know it’s 10..I had a late night lol)

    Noah: Sergio Sergio Sergo. You were holding that for a long time huh?

    Me: yes

    Noah: sounds like he was too. He remembered.

    He said that I had the power all along. It was not Sergio that gave me permission to let go. It was me. By doing what I did I turned that big shadow into a little shadow. He said something like what if there were more people you could get power over..everyone has a button.

    Noah: do you understand how the system works now?

    Me: I think so

     Brad Ruwe 

    “He said something like what if there were more people you could get power over.. everyone has a button.”

    So…. is this Noah revealing at the dark side of The System? The good (Candace realizing she has power) with the bad (getting power over others by pressing their “button”).

    Curious to see how the other calls played out.


    I see how it all connects now. Noah wants me to know I have the power and it’s just that simple. I can say or do the right thing to someone and I will take their power over me and make it my own. He wants me to remember that and use it. He had also said something like this:

    I know your a nice girl but I’m going to use some foul language now…imagine all the other dirty fucks? that hurt little Candace (Can’t remember what the foul language was lol)

    He basically was saying this is only thr beginning. Imagine how much more you can do.

    I feel like Noah wants us to realize obviously that we have the power and we have always had the power…over OSDM, over his father! I think he is building an army. I think this is exactly what he does to take his power back from Horace and Sarah. They have no power over him. He does what he wants. He’s in control of his own life and he is there because he chooses to be. That’s just my opinion right now. We’ll see..

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     Buz Wallick 


    So essentially Noah is going to do his own thing and make the System work the way its supposed to and at the same time build his own army of resistance.

    Going theory that feels pretty damnn good.


    I wonder if he’s building us up so we can continue his work/fight for him after he’s gone.

     Winston Smith 

    In Scientology, they have a thing called “finding your ruin”. When they’re trying to recruit someone, they try to find the thing, or things that the target (that’s you) don’t like about themselves. It doesn’t really matter what that thing is, everyone’s is different, but what’s important is that they find that thing about yourself that you don’t like, and then tell you “That’s ok, Scientology can help you with that.”

    Those things that you don’t like about yourself are called “buttons”, and their process for “therapy” is to basically repeatedly mash those buttons until they’re worn out, and you don’t react to them anymore. This isn’t actually addressing your ruin, it’s just exhausting your emotional reserves until you’re an empty, unfeeling husk with no will to resist. Then they say “See? We fixed your ruin! Don’t you feel better now?” You think about it for a second, and think “Hey, I don’t feel that anymore, I’m all better.”

    If you want to do good deeds, do them. If you want to help people, help them. Be who you want to be, but do it because it’s what you want, not because it’s what someone tells you that you need it.

    When Noah talks about getting power over other people through the use of those buttons, he’s talking about you too, and him gaining power over you. Whatever incidental good comes from his shenanigans, his overall motivations, and intentions are probably nothing less than sinister.

     Bryan Bishop 

    “Going theory that feels pretty damnn good.”

    Exactly why you shouldn’t trust it, @thebuz. 😉

    Just my two cents, but this message from Noah reads much more like him simply highlighting to @pandace88 that she gained power by taking ownership of this situation. As I was positing yesterday, it’s about legitimate self-realization.

    An army (and who knows what else) could conceivably come down the line, but imo this doesn’t seem like it’s about telegraphing future intent. It was about self-empowerment.

     Buz Wallick 

    We have to wait and see what @daela has to say from her call.

    But yes, we should be weary of anything that feels… too good to be true.

    Remember the most important character: devastation.

    I don’t think we’re getting a happy ending.


    @kortneydarling nooooooooo


    Sounds like he wants you to know that power feels good! And power is addictive and leaves you wanting more…


    Got my call. Was working from home today so I could actually hear him this time, for the most part. Paraphrased (poorly) below:

    Sean: Noah!”
    Noah: (Mockingly, referring to my earlier answer) I’m afraid that people will know who I am and I’ll need to be motivating/funny/entertaining in order to get people to like me… Hell of a post there, and a hell of a set of responses. Did you expect anything like that? People opening up like that?
    Sean: Not even a little bit.
    Noah: When’s the last time you had a post of that length? That got that many responses, that many ‘loves’?
    Sean: Literally never happened before.
    Noah: Feels good, huh? When you open up like that and have people respond to you? You have power over them when you get them into that place. You understand?
    Sean: Absolutely
    Noah: This is what I want you to do. Next time you do that, get them into that vulnerable place… I want you to outright lie to them. When you get them like that you can leverage them. All it’ll take is the right set of words. You think you can do that?
    Sean: Oh, I think I can do that.
    Noah: Good man. Alright, now write this down
    *5 seconds as I look for a fucking pen somewhere*
    Noah: Hurry. The. Fuck. Up.
    Sean: Alright go
    Noah: Weakness can look like a strength in front of weak people.
    [Call end]

    I get it. Like @pandace88 said: “I can say or do the right thing to someone and I will take their power over me and make it my own”. I sure as fuck ain’t gonna disagree now.


    Oh Noah. You living legend.

     Buz Wallick 

    Weakness can look like a strength in front of weak people.

    And there’s the theme, the motive, the moral of the damn story.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Indeed @thebuz. You can make anything look positive or negative if presented in the right light to the right audience.

    Alright so @maddyxxx now seems to now be educating us on manipulations, showing us exactly how the OSDM can manipulate us to gain power. I just hope he’s doing so in order to help us fend off the OSDM’s tactics much like @111error was hoping to, and not in order to create a new sort of OSDM from us.


    I thought about this power Noah said I have now and decided to test it out a little. I have no ill motives at all towards Sergio to be clear but he did just agree to pick me up and buy me something to eat. Noah is on to something. 😏

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