8/1/17 – Calls from Noah

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @shaun Unti he shows up at your door and asks to be invited in and it become THE VAMPIRE EXPERIENCE.

    Aka The Guest That Would Not Leave

     Hannah Schenck 

    My heart is bursting… And I am totally not crying… @pandace88 is crying! 😉 Seriously though, @daela I am shocked that Noah actually found a way to soften you towards him. I’m sure you still don’t like him, but holy wow did he make an impact with your call. @thegilded I read your FB post before I even knew this was the reason, and was confused by it wondering why all of the sudden a long post regarding personal things was put out there, and now I know. It was moving and very impactful towards a lot of people, judging by all of the likes, love and responses you received. You’re never alone and I am so very proud of you! Like I said on FB, YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD MAN! @pandace88 I know this had to have been awkward and uncomfortable for you. In our society, we are shunned from expressing how we feel or sharing how someone affected us, negatively or positively… we just are not motivated to talk AT ALL about anything regarding our feelings. This I have never understood. But looks like Noah sorta broke that mentality today, even if it was brief. I’m sure you felt relief amongst the anxiety and fear after reaching out to Sergio. I have to tell you something, you probably made an impact on him, even if he doesn’t say it or maybe hasn’t realized it yet. This could have been something that always troubled him, but he too never felt comfortable bringing up. It’s in the past and he probably assumed you didn’t even remember. Letting him know that he affected you in any way, showed him that he is valued and now he will probably be more aware of what he says and how he affects others. My first love did some pretty terrible things to me and it took him 7 years to apologize. To me (even though it still affected me deeply) it was water under the bridge and I had come to terms with the fact that I would never get the closure I wanted from him. To my surprise, he let me know that it affected him every day and killed him that he was never able to make it right. I learned that it is never too late to right a wrong, or at least try. I’m so happy that your situation ended positively and that you were able to get that extra closure 🙂 What an enlightening day to say the least. No matter where this takes us, today was a special day.


    I don’t know, I like Noah, he’s entertaining, I love the way he speaks, but I guess I have the unpopular opinion that his advice just isn’t all that “innovative”. I DO like that he seems to be focusing on you know, actual self growth and not just asking us to perform senseless asks of masochism in the guise of self growth. Maybe he’s starting small to prepare us for what he really has in mind? But I don’t know. I’m a skeptic. I like Noah. Not that impressed with the actual System so far. Seems a bit cliche. However, it’s cool that the System is actually turning out to be a “thing” with an actual service, even if I’m not impressed with the service, rather than just a front for a cult.




    Not to take away from what everyone did. I think it’s all super badass (I just don’t know if Noah, as much as I like him, deserves this credit—you guys do!!). Shame, imposter syndrome, it all holds us back in ways that are so deep, at a certain point it’s hard to trace. Congratulation to @thegilded and @pandace88 for coming head to head with some of your demons. It’s good to get things off your chest, but hard. It’s terribly difficult to be vulnerable. You were both very brave.

    On a separate note, I don’t really know, no one does, but @nothenrygale, I kinda agree with you: I don’t necessarily think Noah had some deeper meaning originally behind the magazine thing (don’t necessarily think he was gonna have you feed a homeless person). He could’ve but I’m not as sure of it as other people seem to be. I think he was just going for shock value, something to market the System as being spicy and exciting, and trying to get you to do something Big, and Bold, and Exhilarating. When you called his bluff and were like “naw man, I don’t feel like doing that”, I think he stumbled a bit, took a bit of offense (he’s a little egotistical, as we all know, doesn’t like to be made a fool of) but instead of admitting defeat challenged other people to do it instead, and then rubbed your nose in it by making it into a charity mission. Actually, that was probably a way for you to confront shame…you stood to your guns, even when you were in the hot seat and for a while it seemed like basically no one was on your side. I don’t deal too well with conflict or with people thinking I did something wrong, so I admired your ability to stick with your guns. I would’ve maybe felt a bit ashamed in that situation, and pandered a bit more. In which case, you did confront shame, in a roundabout way. And yeah, you acted as an independent thinker, someone who expresses their own will and lays their own boundaries. I think that makes you probably closer to what the results of the System are promising without actually being someone who follows the rules of the so called System.


    Bravo to the three of you for sharing these tasks! That’s some intense stuff and it seems like it helped in one way or another to talk about it.

    I’ve come back to it a lot throughout this whole experience, but Horace’s quote continues to stand out: “This fire destroys not what we are, but simply burns away all that we are not.”

    That seems to be the case with many of Noah’s tasks. The System appears to be digging into what makes people who they are, what life events and people impacted them and shaped them. Can those events be burned away or are they who you are at your core? A number of tasks have also got at what people truly want and desire, another part of a person’s core. Are they trying to expose that core in an effort to reshape it for their own designs or to leave it wide open like a raw nerve so they can get pure emotional data?


    @pandace88 So freaking proud of you. Good job. I’m not sure I would be able to send a message like that that wasn’t laced with sarcasm and Fuck You’s. I hope that you can really let that go!

    I’m agreeing with @kevin that all three of these seem like mirrors. Call someone who hurt you, call someone who impacted you, what’s going on inside that doesn’t have to do with other people.

    I’m really enjoying this version of Noah. I’m a little nervous about this though. Any time we really like someone as a group, bad things happen to them….

     Brad Ruwe 

    Thank you for that @cass. I’ll admit, the days following that “task” were hard. I felt like I fucked up, I felt like I was given an opportunity that I threw away. But in the end, I said on my ticket for The System that I felt like I failure because I give in. Too many times I don’t stand up to people in positions of power over me. And if only for one moment, I was able to stand up and “stick with my guns” as you put it. If that was the intention all along, well played Noah.


    You are all so brave, and this is beautiful (and also terrifying).

    It’s interesting seeing how the System’s techniques evolve and how personalized they are per individual.

    @chelsea – regardless of what happens to the man, actions like these can live on..


    Thanks for sharing your experience everyone.

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