8/1/17 – Calls from Noah

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     Lauren Bello 


    1) I honestly was half-expecting for Noah to kick me out of The System, as he did Brad. I’m fascinated that he didn’t. I imagine the difference is that all of Noah’s critics on Saturday still played by his rules, even while criticizing. Nobody walked away altogether.

    2) My task was much, much easier than Sean’s task and Candace’s task. I suspect he knew that if he’d given me an extreme task, I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t like him: it would have been easy to say No. Instead, he assigned just the right task – one that undermined any possible grounds I’d have for saying No. So here I am, reluctantly saying Yes to Noah. Well played, Noah.

    3) I have not called my mom yet, because I am at work. I will, when I leave work. (For the record, I have told her before what an impact she has had on me.) That said, I don’t intend to post about the call here. That’s not something she would want. And, as Noah said, this is about her, not me.

    4) “Small-minded people respect their competition. The successful skull-fuck their mothers.” Guess Noah doesn’t want me to be successful. …But seriously, this does sound like a different Noah, no?

    5) “This ain’t about you, it’s about her…Fucking selfish goofball.” This was perhaps the most interesting part of the call. It seemed like reassurance that this wasn’t just a gag, that this wasn’t me using my mom as a prop, and that this wasn’t me assigning other people roles to play in my self-actualization…it’s actually legitimately about her. Which removed the last objection I might have had toward making this call. Nobody is being used. This is about her.

    Extrapolating, this felt like a defense of Saturday. It wasn’t intended to be about us marketing The System or about us using people in need to self-actualize…it wasn’t intended to be about us at all.

    Not sure I’m buying it, but he sure knows what to say to address my skepticism.


    @daela‘s call and @pandace88‘s tasks were almost mirror images of each other. Contact someone who’s had an impact on your life (one positive, one negative), think about how that affected you, and then contact them.

    @thegilded‘s is a more personal, internal version. Consider how you’ve impacted your own life (I guess you could consider fear a negative impact, curious if there will be a mirror to this one) and make an effort to change that.

    Can’t help but think this all ties back into Horace’s call the other day in some way. Wonder if there’s going to be some shoe that drops from either Noah or Horace indicating that people don’t have a choice in how they’re impacted by people or themselves. That would seem to run counter what The System’s goal appears to be, but we still don’t know whether it’s promoting Noah’s message or Horace’s.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @thebuz Totally get ya. It very well may have been that. Noah… confuses me. A lot. I try to get a sense of where he’s coming from and when I think I understand his motives, he shifts. I think a lot of that has to do with The System and the image of Noah they want him to put out there VS the person he really is.

    I’ve been wrong about people before though, and I could very well be wrong about Noah. But I still don’t trust him. Maybe I’m just cynical.


    Sergio just replied:

    “I was a douch bag to you as a kid and I’m super sorry for that….I never knew what words can do to a person and I’m truly sorry for being a dick….nobody deserved that and especially not u….ur a beautiful person and always have been”

    I’m not crying….OK maybe I cried a little bit. I honestly feel like I can let that go now. Wow… fuck..I’m not crying… thanks @maddyxxx that was long overdue…


    Before, I’ve said that based on The System’s marketing materials, I have no interest in buying what Noah’s selling. But if things continue in this way, doing good in the world and good for other people, it looks like there are things to be learned here, even if the overall package turns out to reflect the marketing.

    Lauren’s task reminded me that I haven’t called my parents in a while. I think I’ll do that later today.


    I think I got a little ramble-y on my Facebook post but it’s up. I hope that’s what you’re looking for @maddyxxx because that’s the fucking best you’re gonna get out of me for that shit.


    @pandace88 That’s such a wonderful reply. Proud of you!

     Buz Wallick 

    Wow. That is really touching @pandace88.

    I think it’s important moving forward that no matter how angry, upset, or outraged we may get in the future, we’d all do well to remember this moment. Remember that immersive theater, foul mouthed self help gurus and potentially evil data mining organizations just did real honest to god good.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @izryn Do you think that’s something of note? What’s happening with many of these tasks is wonderful, but goes entirely against the image of The System being put out by the marketing rebrand. There’s a disconnect happening here. The version of The System that is happening with these calls does not seem to be reflected by the marketing materials put out there.

     Buz Wallick 

    Also good on you @thegilded. That took some guts too. Do you feel better actualizing it in words? Honest question.

    Regardless, happy to be one of your friends, man.


    @nothenrygale It could be something, or it could be nothing, only to lead into the version of The System that is reflected in the marketing. We can’t possibly know with any degree of confidence at this point. What I do know is that one shouldn’t ignore the good parts of something on the basis of shoddy marketing. If The System does turn out to reflect the marketing, though, don’t expect me to buy in.


    Feels weird. I hate anything personal on any social media. But I guess this ain’t so bad. Already getting some good responses to it. Hope that it helped someone out there.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    First, @thebuz, I’m sorry for shoving you into that locker.

    Having just returned from (where else?) my analyst, here’s everyone’s favorite Jungian interpretation.

    Jung talked about “complexes” in the psyche — “pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme.” For example, if you lost a leg as a child, you might overcome the physical handicap but the psychological factors might create a complex of inferiority, or lack of wholeness. Complexes often appear as antagonists in dreams. They can often feel like something separate and apart from ourselves. That “thing” that rests in your mind, speaking to you, saying things that make you feel badly about yourself.

    “The complex possesses a value that sometimes exceeds that of our conscious intentions…an active complex puts us momentarily under a state of duress, of compulsive thinking and acting, for which under certain conditions the only appropriate term would be the judicial concept of diminished responsibility”.

    Our complexes can very much control us. They can keep us in bad relationships, or bad jobs. They make us feel guilty. They deliver shame. They make us feel like shit to the point where, well, we are truly under duress in our behavior. That’s why we say, “He didn’t seem like himself when he did X.”

    Some of us appear to be tasked to tackle a complex of some kind. @pandace88 is perhaps the best example.

    And these tasks are delivered by a Trickster archetype. Look here!

    “A curious combination of typical trickster motifs can be found in the alchemical figure of Mercurius; for instance, his fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his powers as a shape-shifter, his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure to all kinds of tortures, and—last but not least—his approximation to the figure of a saviour.”

    ho ho ho.

    So while these first few steps and the event on Saturday appear to be about providing value to others, I think @bcbishop is correct. There is much more to come and I don’t think it will be quite so seemingly altruistic.


    Awe! I’m so proud of everyone and their individual journey! I love it when art is actually catharsis. This whole thing feels so…Wholesome. I luv it.

    Very proud of @thegilded @pandace88 @daela of (suddenly and haphazardly) taking their time and energy to do these challenges. Even if it’s still some crazy emotion farming, ‘they’ can have all of this feeling. There’s so much to spare. <3 <3 <3

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    The Wholesome Experience!

    I like the direction Noah is headed. This rebranding is quite the success albeit a bit schizophrenic.

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