8/1/17 – Calls from Noah

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     Buz Wallick 

    I don’t think Noah cares one way or another about whether we are good, bad, or just assholes.

    The whole idea of the system is to make you realize you have all the tools to change the world around you. He’s just going with what he knows will work best with each one of us.

    He knows (as we all do and should know at this point) that @daela is a good person. So the way to get her to this place of self realization? Ask her who had the biggest impact on her life. He knew she’d probably say Mom or dad or a teacher or something to that affect.

    Point being is that I don’t think there will be a turn from him so much as just he will approach each person differently and behave in how he thinks it’s going to have the biggest impact on us.

    My going theory anyway.


    @thegilded – were you given any other parameters, like the post has to be set to public?

    did any of these tasks for the three of you have any kind of significance other than the obvious (that you wouldn’t mind sharing)? I’m asking because these just don’t seem on par with the last two in terms of difficulty. @pandace88‘s is definitely the hardest from my perspective but maybe there’s significance to @daela‘s or @thegilded‘s that I’m not aware of.


    Or, Brad, it’s about confidently going into the store and buying dirty magazines because no one gives a fuck.

     Bryan Bishop 


    You either got it or you don’t, there’s a craft to being an Grade A doucebag.

    Perhaps, but if so there’d be no reason for The System in the first place.

    What Noah appears to be creating is a self-actualization course, but instead of the high-five positivity end result we’re used to seeing, the ultimate end game is designed to turn us into the “worst” (subjective based on perception) possible alpha versions of our selves. Take what’s ours, etc.

    If you’re trying to teach somebody to take what’s theirs, you don’t just demand they do it, then say you’re done and walk away. You need to show people that their actions have meaning… give them confidence… and the easiest way to do that is to give them something they’ll actually feel good about doing. (Help the homeless, tell a family member how much they care.) @thegilded and @pandace88 then get tasks that ask them to take control of past fears, or areas of hurt, in a public fashion.

    The common theme is self-empowerment. I’m actually pretty surprised that he actually seems to be teaching a legit self-help course (for now at least). We’ll see where it goes from here.


    @coryphella – Presumably it had to be public. If there were other parameters I didn’t hear them. Whole thing was like trying to have a conversation with someone who was in another room. I’m extremely private on Facebook. I don’t like to share pictures or anything personal or even post at all. Presumably it was to target that?

     Buz Wallick 

    Wouldn’t it be likely @nothenrygale that he was also going to have you buy a sandwich and water and to help someone else?

    You’re a chartible, passionate guy, I think Noah was attempting to tap into that.


    Wow, these tasks are certainly interesting. @daela @thegilded @pandace88 – I already rate you all very highly as good people and while I don’t think you need “improving”, I know you will take on these tasks with great bravery and characteristic strength ❤


    @kipsie I think there’s a difference between berating us and just being honest. He has access to a ton of info on us; Tension questionaires, iConfidant emails, and God knows what else. But he doesn’t ever use any of that against us. He’s a mirror to show us the things about ourselves that stop us from getting what we want. It’s hard stuff to hear, and even harder for us to implement, but it’s not cruel. It’s lighting a fire under our asses. Noah gets shit done, and he wants us to as well.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @coryphella It’s possible it could’ve been a confidence thing, but he didn’t say that in his call. He said it was a shame thing. I’ll admit that I do have a fair amount of shame, but it doesn’t tie in with convenience store dirty mags. The task didn’t fit the supposed reason, and as such felt more like a power play.

    @thebuz I really don’t think that was a next step to my task. Again, he told me it was because of shame, not charity.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @coryphella I think in this instance I lean more towards Shadow Elsa

    “Burn Them All”

    Burn Them All

     Buz Wallick 

    I think it’s entirely possible @nothenrygale that the intent was to tap into your shame then (by first forcing you to buy dirty mags) and then turn it around and use it for good.

    This assessment is based off all these other interactions. Noah is tapping into fears and self doubt and turning them around into positive ventures.

    This is legit self help material. And much like how we judged Noah in the beginning for his surface level behavior, we have begun to scratch away that outer layer and see the real person underneath. I think he’s doing the same to us.

    Having us shake off the gilded (no pun intended) exterior and dig in deep within ourselves.

    For better or worse is up to each of us to decide.

     Buz Wallick 

    And also want to point out that this isn’t me saying “Boo on you Brad!” I 100% acknowledge the fact you stood by your open and public convictions. That can certainly be commended.

    But I think there’s also room to acknowledge that perhaps Noah was trying to connect with you (or help in a certain way).

    Either way you made a bold move. That cannot be forgotten.


    Just sent a long text to the person who literally damaged my self image as a child…I’m embarrassed and fearful and ashamed to admit that this whole skeleton in my closet still has so much power over me. He impacted my life more than I’d like to admit and facing him now is terrifying. I just picture him reading my text judging me and laughing at me and my inner child is mortified.

    This is legit some real therapy shit right here…better than any Dr I’ve ever seen in real life! …

     Buz Wallick 

    Proud of you @pandace88. I remember the kid who shoved me in a locker for reading Spiderman vividly. If I hadn’t had found like minded friends that didn’t shame me for liking something I would have had a lot more issues then I do now.

    Proud of you for taking that step. Don’t feel like you have to share with us the outcome, but I hope you do and I hope it helps, even if a little. Nothing but support here.

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