7/29 – The System Event

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @timsmyname I LOVED your leighs! And I saw a bunch of people in the area wearing them which meant that you had some kind of impact on them. I think it was creative and a touching gesture to make an impact, as we were instructed to do. Bravo sir

     Lauren Bello 

    @timsmyname I had no idea that’s where the leis came from! That’s amazing. This is making me smile.


    Inherently, acts of charity are just that, thankless giving. Donating to Planned Parenthood can be seen as egregious to those who Tithe, but it’s all the same, unilateral exchange. Maybe you’ll get prayers answered, maybe you’ll get medical services, but there is no expectation. Otherwise, it’s just a purchase.

    Not doing anything or being destructive, is the worst. Doing something selfish, then manifesting it into something charitable, is fine. It’s like getting a ‘free’ tee-shirt while doing 5ks for causes, you get a little, they get a little. Doing zero selfish act but broadcasting charity, is modern. Bad acts get broadcasted all day, so why not the good, too?

    Either way, experiences were made. No matter what, stand by your execution of ‘value’ because How you value yourself, is how you will be valued.

    If you were given exactly what you gave; beer, food, money, leis, nothing…would you be grateful?

    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago by  Jackie.

    As I sit here and read your comments @maddyxxx, it really makes me laugh. I own up to what I did today and I won’t apologize for it. You go against everything you’ve preached up to this moment and are so flip flopped, you probably wipe your mouth instead of wiping your ass with the shit you say. Dead to the System?? Ahh boo hoo… I’m so sad. Please don’t kick me out Noah and not teach me how to be a douchbag like you… yea get the fuck outta here. One thing we do have in common though Noah, is that we don’t really care about what people think of us. Good, bad, disgusting, whatever… at the end of the day, we are who we are.
    Frankly, I don’t give a shit about your “System” or you, Noah. So I guess that’s another thing we agree on, we both don’t like each other. I’m happy to hear that my message was passed onto you. In trade for today, you can go ahead and keep my seminar money, and know that I don’t need your bullshit System. You gave me $5 and a sack lunch to do what I wanted with today, and I did. Consider my $30 repayment for you sore ass and your butt hurt feelings. At the end of it all, everyone will be exposed to the truth that you’re a fraud and one lousy piece of shit.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @timsmyname I didn’t realize these were yours. I thought the Hare Krishnas had stopped by. Thank you for the gift. I still have it and will find a way to bring some form of delight to another who is in need of it, as you chose to do.


    In game, I think The System’s reasons for us impacting others were very selfish, but OOG, I absolutely love what we did today. I don’t feel like that hashtag was so we could advertise good deeds, I felt like they were just so the System could track us to make sure we did what we said we did.

    I also wanted to add that impacting someone else isn’t always a positive thing-however, we interpreted it that way. That gives me so much pride in this community.

    But it definitely left me thinking about how and who I have impacted recently (or ever). While I don’t have a lot of money, I’ve found other ways to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. Also got me thinking about the impact others have had on my life. On top of that, it helped me realize that sometimes when we make that impact, we don’t even know we are doing it-sometimes the impact is a positive one and other times, it is not.

    Amazing lessons I took away today. Thanks, Noah, Morgan, and co.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    By the way, the music we danced to when we entered? It seems way too coincidental that it was the same very obscure piece of music USED IN MY SHORT DOCUMENTARY about the fragrance industry. Unless Pearl Django, the jazz band out of Seattle, is not so obscure. Which I think they are. Which means…okay, Noah…Always watching and apparently listening.


     Robert Fuller 

    I have some questions for the people who feel good about yesterday: Do you really feel like giving away $1 or $5 or $10 to a homeless person made any real impact on their lives? Do you often hand out money to homeless people (your own money)? If not, why not? If so, do you feel like you’re making an impact each and every time, and do you feel great about it every time? How was yesterday’s experience different from any other time you’ve given out money or food to the homeless (other than that you weren’t using your own money this time)? What do you think you learned from yesterday’s experience, if anything? Why do you need the System in order to do what you did yesterday? Would you have felt and/or acted differently if you were asked to use your own money?


    Yes, I think handing out food and water to people who are hungry and thirsty made some impact (even if it was small and temporary), especially more than tearing up the money would have. I don’t think anyone chose to just straight up hand out the cash they were given to the homeless in the area. People went and purchased food and water, while maximizing the value of what they were given, and then handing that out. I’m actually writing up a longer post (which I’ll have to finish up later today) and trying to look at value and perception as it related to the event. Is it a new lesson? Not really, but this did force me to examine it in a different light.

    Of course, no one needed The System to do what they did, but it still enabled them to do it on this day when we thought we would all be doing something different. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I’m sure most people wouldn’t have cared if they had to use their money to help the people on Skid Row.

    So what did you learn by tearing up the cash?


    @remrelganaps I don’t think any of us need The System to do what we did yesterday and I don’t think the act of giving money necessarily made a real impact.

    I think the event itself sparked a lot of discussion and debate and in that sense it was a huge success. I’m sure it got a lot of people to think about things they usually don’t think about. Expanding our minds with stimuli.. or something.

    It’s implied that Noah would teach through lessons and many times we wouldn’t know the rhyme or reason or if there even is a lesson. This event was just one of those.

    If The System were to work it will be through a combination of various lessons and experiences. What The System is actually trying to teach us is still not clear. But if we don’t submit ourselves wholly and choose to eject we may not learn anything at all.

     Robert Fuller 

    I learned that people take offense to tearing up cash.


    I think the big lesson on Saturday was how you chose to make an impact with whatever you were given. Were you able to make a difference in someone’s life and recognize why your actions made a difference. @maddyxxx also pointed out that “value is a perception”.

    This was on clear display throughout the day as well, starting with the exercise to give an item to the person you had paired up with. I saw someone mention somewhere they handed over a necklace that they loved. They perceived the item as valuable, but for personal reasons, and it probably wouldn’t have the same value to the person who received it. Would knowing the necklace’s owner held it so highly affect the perceptions of who it was given to? Andy asked later in the day if people had still not traded something and two people next to me indicated they hadn’t. Andy asked them what they could part with and then what size shoes they wore. They wore different size shoes, so in that scenario neither would have really considered an exchange valuable. On the other end, Andy asked Sage if she had given anything yet so she dug around in her purse and gave Taylor a hair tie, which he immediately placed on his wrist. She probably didn’t perceive much value in a single hair tie, but it looks like Taylor found some, maybe as a memento for the day, maybe he just likes hair ties.

    With the cash handed out, this came into play again. I was given a five dollar bill, which on it’s own didn’t hold much value to me, but to people with nothing that’s a large sum of money. Obvious, yes, but something I don’t think about on a regular basis, and now because of the day’s events choosing to examine it further. That same five dollars meant something different to the convenience store clerk (and we agreed on the value) and meant something different to those without money or homes. Which also points to the sliding scale of what you perceive as valuable.

    I started writing this post earlier today and feel like I’ve sort of lost the thread at this point, but to tie it back into something here. Noah also said to “utilize your strengths and tools as effectively as possible.” In that sense, we all have perceptions of our own strengths, tools, and value. Are our perceptions of our own value the same as what BOS, The System, or OSDM may see in us? Do we have skills that they want, data they crave, can our energy wind the clock? Knowing what you perceive as valuable may be vital going forward.


    @kevin I wanted to add to the idea of human beings and their intrinsic value. Who is useful to you? How can you use and market their skill set to your benefit?

    What does Noah see as our value? Based on his “interview”, it seems as if The System itself, though the self-actualization we will achieve, will make us more valuable to the man. If we follow The System, we achieve our own true value and use it to manipulate and benefit from the value of others. My value currently resides in my willingness to listen and follow the course laid out for us by the System and OSDM. That’s where I’m at. Other’s value may be perceived to lie in a similar unwillingness to conform.

    So again: if we follow his technique, what do we provide for Noah? A couple hours entertainment? A bucket of money?

    …an army?


    It took me a bit to read through this and process the events of Saturday. It was a very strange day, and I think a lot of people here have a lot of very insightful and interesting takes on the day.

    The perception of value was a big one. Andy’s speech “There was a time when a dollar meant everything to me.” really hammered that home. To be honest, I haven’t really taken the time to consider the value of a single dollar to anyone not me. That was a very interesting and eye opening experience for me.

    I also sympathize with those who feel like this generosity and “make an impact” attitude of the event aren’t what The System stands for. But I think it works on two levels.

    1. Good PR. Help someone, give The System a good name.
    2. Opening our eyes to the idea that we can change things. the System is about taking charge, taking what’s yours, and reshaping the world to be what you want. For your average person, that seems an impossible task. But what The System showed us this past weekend is that you can change someone’s day with a simple act and a simple dollar. It doesn’t actually take much top begin to change things. The darker version of this is that it doesn’t take much to manipulate people, or to improve your situation. As easy as it is to improve someone’s day by giving them a sack lunch or some bottled water (or buying them a beer or lap dance) you can do the same for more selfish reasons. You can’t buy into the System until you buy into your ability to make an impact. To change something outside of yourself.

     Lauren Bello 

    Got access to a proper scanner! Belatedly, here is the letter from Saturday’s event. And yes, the water smear was there when I opened it. I choose to believe it was either a dramatic tear or a splash from the hot tub.

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