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    @cass exactly. I Think that was the whole point. It doesn’t how much money you have or how much you’ve spent, it’s about what you do with the tools you are given.

     Lauren Bello 

    Measuring your altruism against another’s gets no one anywhere. Both were kind things. Anything done for another succeeded in the task assigned.


     Andrew Kasch 

    @meghanmayhem Christ, calm down.

    Good work. Seriously. Much more impactful than buying booze.


    @brianamatopoeia yup! Completely agree.

    I also wanna agree with others that while I have my own personal opinions, I don’t think this is a morality pissing contest and aside from tearing up cash or throwing a food you could have given someone away, I’m not going to condemn anyone’s actions outright and can see the reasoning behind a variety of actions.

    I think it’s great that this sort of discussion has been opened up in general! How and the best way to help others is a challenging discussion that is sure to always bring up some heated opinions. I think people in general are uncomfortable in the face of other people’s suffering and that it makes us defensive. Seeing other people helpless makes us feel helpless.

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    This reminds me of that episode of Friends where Phoebe attempts a truly altruistic act only to discover there is no such thing…

    I have nothing else to add to this than to say that describing Meghan’s act of friendship as a bribe to the leader of the resistance is really fucking out of order. Meghan sent that money to a friend and that is that.

     Buz Wallick 

    I think today was a fascinating and great day of self revelation.

    Most people took “Be impactful” as “be charitable.”

    Someone could have went and bought someones mix tape on the corner, or bought a book they’ve never read that might challenge their world view. But most thought to give.

    Everyones definition of “impactful” will be different, but only the individual can truly decide if their actions today were what they deem to be impactful.

    Today brough a lot of good out of people, and some bad. And that’s okay. This whole thing is supposed to be about self reflection and today, hopefully, does just that in spades.

    I think we as people, and a community, do have a tendency to get lost in the weeds while missing out on the beautiful field and horizon behind them.

    Trust yourselves to know you did well. And be cool and righteous to each other.

     Lauren Bello 

    Beautifully said, @cass and @thebuz

     Andrew Kasch 

    I think we can all agree that this shouldn’t be a competition. That’s learning the worst lesson of all from this.

    Apologees to BOS.


    This all sounds like the Citizens Commission on Human Rights offering a Way to Happiness. Go out, make a difference, be impactful… while the cream of the crop flourish. Go ahead and sign your billion year contracts.


    @cass & @thebuz summed up my feelings pretty well, as an outsider to this whole thing that went down today and seeing the ensuing…um, shall we say, debates on who did the right thing & what the point of all this was.

    if nothing else, it was certainly a fascinating social experiment.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    I genuinely agree with the points @cass and @thebuz made here… This was a way for you to make an impact in anyone’s life and The System wanted to see how we would utilize the tools we were given. There is no wrong way of applying this, as long as there was intent to participate. Do something for someone else to “make an impact”to learn that value is based on perception. Everything we chose to do today was logged and I guarantee it will be applied and play a part in our individual stories. Regardless of what you chose to do, it will have an effect on what happens moving forward.

    I hope @maddyxxx enjoyed that hot tub today while watching us spread The System. We made a difference on many different levels today utilizing these tools creatively. Hang onto those methods and remember that they were meant to be emphasized for a reason.


    If this workshop was all rainbows and unicorns and lunchables, I wonder what the 13th will bring?!


    @sfire8 yeah, I’m very curious myself. Today was definitely not what I expected, though I’m genuinely pleased. Not that I get the feeling Noah would care if I’m pleased or not 😝


    I don’t even want to read through all these posts because I loved the event today and what it led me and some others to do. I hate the drama that came from it and like I said on slack I’m just going to step away from the whole debate.

    I just logged in to say thank you IG to the system and the leader of the resistance @111error but mostly OOG for the beautiful thing that was done today. It reminded me what is important and what isn’t. I’m not great at writing out what I feel but I don’t think this was exploiting, I think this was taking the time out of our day to help people and that was fucking BEAUTIFUL!


    People on Skid Row are so destitute that they don’t care about the reasons behind why they get to eat. That’s something we, as privileged people, get the ability to care about and argue back and forth about on these forums. 


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     Tim Redman 

    I was given $10 and I walked 4 blocks away and found a flower mart where I found two dozen floral leis.

    I didn’t have time to pass them out before I found everybody filing back into the building. I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot at the time, and nobody asked me why i bought them, but once the lunches were revealed, we decided the hand out the leis with the food and and at least a couple of times they brought smiles to a few faces. The old “do you want to get lei’d” joke never gets old apparently. I’m guessing laughter is scarce commodity on skid row as are primary colors. I didn’t solve the world’s problems or impress Noah, but I found a way to stick to my values even when I wasn’t sure where the event stood on things.

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