7/27 Exclusive Interview from Noah

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     Taylor Winters 

    My phone rings from a private number.

    “Taylor Winters, Noah Sinclair here.”

    I greet him, and he responds with the cadence of an old friend. “What’s been going on? Oh I forgot, you do PhD shit.” We chat for a moment about work, but that’s not why he called.

    “How would you like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview Noah Fucking Sinclair.” I start to agree, but he interrupts, “Interview starts now!”

    I rush out of the meeting room and grabbed my computer. “Come on, I don’t have all fucking day,” he whines. I tell him to hold on, I was doing real work. But he’s impatient. So even though I’m not yet recording, I ask anyways: “What’s your goal for The System?”

    He isn’t interested, but I don’t think he ever was. He starts to snore and make fart noises. I tell him to take this seriously, but he’s back to being the Clown Prince–not the face of The System that I would have respected.

    With his lost interested, he ends the “interview” if you can call it that and hangs up–just as my computer starts to record. Thanks, Noah. This was quite the exclusive.

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     Taylor Winters 

    And I just checked my email, he sent me “our” interview. Let me work on getting this up ASAP and I’ll link it. Let’s sell some tickets for our Clown Prince.

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    I really hope he has something of value to say. As the queen of bravado and deflection, I know style over substance when I see it…

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    Seems like Noah has some time to kill then. All the phonecalls today.

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    Dang, Noah’s on the ball with The System today.

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    He is on fucking FIRE today. Look at him, messing with daddy’s new toy.

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     Taylor Winters 

    Here is “my” interview with Noah.

    I’m going to share this around to help sell this event out! Feel free to help if you’re a fan of The System.


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    Yeah so we learned exactly what I thought we would from that… Nothing… It’s all fluff to propogate this image. But one thing did strike a chord for me – the those closest to him know him the least part. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop calling bullshit, but yeah…

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    “While this is not the exact interview we produced, we at Haunting are proud to publish this other interview with Mr. Sinclair.” haha

    Nice job, @taysavestheday

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    Also @taysavestheday – he hasn’t the balls to actually let you ask him the questions we want answers to. I don’t see why you would play Noah’s game… You just doing all this to appease Horace? Cos if that’s the case, looks like Horace likes his sons to have daddy issues…

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    This is a BIG day for Noah Sinclair. (Granted, this was a conversation with himself.) I’m still happily part of his sewing circle.

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    All this Noah action is making me positively fucking GIDDY!!! Great “interview” indeed 😀


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    “you’ll remember something you either take for granted or you have forgotten.” is an intriguing line, too, now that I think about it.

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    This was a great read.

    Funny that he’s willing to burn down the status quo. Found that to be poignant line.

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    It’s interesting that he thinks people worth earning respect from will ultimately come around to respecting “threats”, even if they’re resistant at first. What does everyone think of this? I think people usually agree across the board that respect has to be earned and not forced or else people are just acting out of fear, or from a negative emotion instead of a positive one, and it’s not sincere. Like, we see throughout history monarchs of sorts being overthrown because they are too harsh, threatening, and forceful of these rules onto people below them..and everyone complies because they don’t to get their heads cut off, but do they actually have respect? And then a lot of times they end up revolting and overthrowing these people who have been bossing them around that they never really had real respect for.

    Maybe he’s saying that people who are ass-kickers themselves, even if it’s something inside them that they haven’t realized yet, will appreciate a fellow ass-kicker in some regard even if they think he’s an asshole? That after the feeling of revulsion passes people will feel…impressed? Loyal? I don’t know if I buy that but it’s interesting to think about.

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    “It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce.”

    Voltaire sounds pretty “lusty” to me.

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    Reflecting on Noah’s interview and the challenges he put forth today…

    “Anything up to and including complete and total destruction of the status quo.”

    A status quo wherein self-centeredness is common and courtesy not so much?
    Wherein we go through our days completely self-absorbed, our minds overwhelmed by our insecurities, fears, and doubts?
    Wherein we build facades around ourselves for protection, and guard ourselves socially for fear of embarrassment, humiliation, or failure?
    Wherein we mock vulnerability and project our own insecurities onto others?
    Wherein we look away from those in need, rather than confront our own discomfort?

    Is this the status quo Noah wants to destroy? If so, count me in.

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