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      I don’t see a thread for this yet so here: Facebook LUST page posted “7/2” an hour ago.

      I will be in New York that day watching whatever goes down on everyone’s periscope! 🙂

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       Brad Ruwe

      Thanks for the heads up! For some reason FB didn’t notify me of that post.

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      SoCal’s Sunday is my Monday, so I’ll be at work checking in when I have a moment here and there.

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      I get there the 7th. 🙁

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       Taylor Winters

      Curious to see who is hosting this event.

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       David Shields

      Any ideas what is going to happen at this event? Or could it be phone registration? That could be awesome! Hoping that the alternative registration happens soon. I am not going to be in LA for a few years at the earliest so I hope to have some interesting interaction. 🙂

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      @parzival At this point nobody knows. It could be anything!

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       David Shields

      Well I defenetly look forward to finding out!

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