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    OH! @shankfx22

    This is a perfect example of being too distracted with yourself, your image, or anything that is vain when you apply too much focus to it, that it blinds you from what is happening around you. 

    Maybe like how we’re all too self absorbed with our iConfidants to heed the OBVIOUS warnings that they are not to be trusted and it’s all bad! But we’d rather ignore all the red flags, the home invasions, the bugs found in our friends’ homes because we want what we want. Etc etc

    And the creeper is like @wanda102 said, the always Watching people. Watching us be completely self absorbed.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @pandace88 This is your typical horror movie premise: character(s) sense danger… instead of doing the obvious smart thing of getting as far away from it as possible, they go towards it because they are curious and it ends in a violent, gorey and awesome bloody mess 👏🏼

    That is our destiny guys. We made it in the movies 🎥

     Buz Wallick 

    Merged topics since they were on the same subject. Now everything is here!

    Great work @kortneydarling discovering the source of the painting.


    @thebuz do you think the deliberate zooms in further are telling us that our focus is still too narrow, or we’re just being toyed with as per usual?

     Buz Wallick 

    @wanda102 Well they definitely have been zooming in more and more (noticed this with the last one) ever since we got wise to their crop-game.

    So that’s two in a row where they are purposely zooming in more and more and making it harder and harder to find the source. Add in that they are darkening the photo all points to this being a very deliberate thing to point us to something.

    Maybe perhaps though it’s not so much what they are leaving out now as to what they are focusing in on. The picture was of a reflection so as @shankfx22 was saying that we may be too caught up in our own reflections… or perhaps we need to look within ourselves for something. Maybe there really is a select few of us whose iConfidants are other participants. All very curious.


    Oh @shankfx22 that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. We’re all rushing headlong into the fire.

    That’s why I so loved that song last night.

    Yes, the danger must be growing because the rowers keep on rowing and they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing

     Bryan Bishop 

    The implications of this quote have my mind spinning.

    The first time we heard it, its implications were literal. Fire was burning down the Tension warehouse, physically removing the artifice of what this group was.

    With the Facebook post, are we the ones burning away what we think/wish we were? Or will Sunday mark a turning of the page similar to last time? And if it’s the latter option, what artifice will be stripped away this time?


    Following on what @bryan said…

    Since this quote is from Horace/Horus, could “we” actually be referring to the investors, rather than us?

    Or, perhaps he’s speaking of the internal fire, the LUST each of us has inside of us. That lust that gradually burns away everything we are not until it reaches the heart of who we really are.


    @superstar I like this. His full quote is “Tonight this fire destroys not what we are, but simply burns away all that we are not. You can leave now, and wait for the phoenix to rise for those among you who are wealthy.. worthy.”
    If he was referring to the Investors, it serves to explain the Freudian slip. Though in context it also implies that some of the Book Party attendees were the Investors…

     Buz Wallick 

    Did Horace say this quote before or after Michelle destroyed the beautiful cheese spread? Maybe the “we” prefers to the dairy farms of Wisconsin and California? Perhaps this is how the Investors made their money?

    brb making a post in Speculation.



    Murder, burning, extortion, blackmail, all kinds of kidnapping and imprisonment… and @thebuz is worried about the cheese.

    Really got his priorities in line, there.

     Buz Wallick 

    @thegilded I’m safe over here in Kentucky from all that, but the empathy I feel for the cheese is too strong to let go.

    Legit though this was the last thing Horace said right? Like right before we were all ushered out. Post cheese ruining.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @thebuz He threw some insults at us afterwards, including something about someone’s car. But yeah, he was trying to get us all to GTFO after he said this.


    @wanda102 “Though in context it also implies that some of the Book Party attendees were the Investors…”

    Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNN!!!! 🙂


    Ok, another thought… if we believe the investors to be followers of the Old Testament Book of Anoch, then perhaps the “burning away of all that we are not” means the destruction of the false representation of their god (ie: OOA/Tension/DLB’s “little art project”). The phoenix would then be the “true” representation of Anoch, who will rise to lead those who are wealthy/worthy (the “ten of spades” club).

    But, what if even the investors don’t really know who’s on top (the King of Clubs)? They think they’re in charge, but maybe all the investors are actually at the bottom of the stack with the rest of us in our “pathetic Priuses”.

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