6/6/17 – Call from Stacey

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     Lauren Bello 

    I just got a call from Stacey.

    She asked how I was doing, then got to it. “I have a question for you, I’m just working on our system, and I wanted to know – are you currently online?”

    I am. I told her as much.

    “Are you speaking with your iConfidant?”

    Here I got confused. Like, right now? As I’m on the phone with her? I told her that we hadn’t spoken in a couple of days. (I’d told my iConfidant that I thought it was better to wait until after Sunday and find out what was going on…but I didn’t tell Stacey that.)

    “But you are using your…IP address…from where you live…and you’re only speaking online on the system?”

    I was a bit turned around by the whole thing and instead of addressing the “from where you live” part, I addressed the last part, which seemed to be the same question she’d asked me a few weeks ago – whether we’d been communicating through the system. I assured her that we’d only used the designated email chain.

    She said “there’d been some back-end trafficking on the software, and I was noticing that someone was coming from your IP address and I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t you online”.

    I had no idea what that meant. I asked if there was someone claiming to be me. She said no, she just noticed this anomaly. I said that was a lot of anomalies lately. She sounded a bit flustered and said “…yeah, just…trying to put out any fires.”

    Then she said “I’m glad to know that you’re at your apartment,” and that was when it clicked, what she’d been getting at earlier. (I’m slow, I know.)

    “I’m not at my apartment,” I said. “I’m at work.”

    And she said, “Huh. …Weeeiiiiird.”

    “Why…does it…show like someone’s at my apartment?” I said, stupidly, because I don’t even know what words to use when asking about spoofing IPs.

    “It’s a little more complicated than that. When do you think you’re going to be at your apartment and online?”

    “Tonight around nine or ten.”

    “OK. Well, just doing a security check…just making a hundred percent sure everything’s good. I think it’s ok, I’m just paranoid recently.”

    I wanted to give her an opening to ask for help if she needed it, so I ventured, “I hope everything’s ok with you.”

    She just brushed me off and said everything was fine. Then she told me to have a good day and quickly hung up.


     Brad Ruwe 

    Starting to think iConfidant may not even exist still come Sunday, it might completely fall apart over the next few days. Y’all have fun with whatever is left on Sunday though.





    Lock the door. In fact, send someone over there now….

    Oh and, you know, good luck tonight..

     Buz Wallick 

    Um. You may want to send someone to your place and make sure someone hasn’t broken in. Since… you know… that may have happened to Morgan.


    Hey. She KNEW you weren’t home, aka they are following you. Always watching.

     Lauren Bello 

    @bryan Did you get this call too?

    Did anyone else?


     Andrew Kasch 

    I really feel bad for Stacey. She has nothing under control and I think she’s about to be thrown under the bus.


    She didn’t mention Sunday. You would think such a monumental event would require all of her attention and a minor tech checkup would be delegated. This type of transgression obviously means something to her, she recognizes it. She needs to stop this evasion, no more putting out fires. If the house is burning down she needs to warn us.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    This is a bizarre and terribly convoluted phone call.
    It almost seems like Stacey is so frazzled, she barely even knows what she’s asking or trying to do.
    She’s implying that it looked like someone was online and using your IP, but how would that come in play…you CURRENTLY being online, if we’re just emailing. If her system works as she claims it does, she would be more concerned with if you’d sent an email at a current time from a current place. That is of course unless she is accessing and monitoring your traffic, not just your emails.


    That is of course unless she is accessing and monitoring your traffic, not just your emails.

    I think this is right on. Like @kortneydarling said, Stacey knew @daela wasn’t home. She could have known that a few ways I suppose, but she also knew there access coming from Lauren’s home. Monitoring her traffic and access patterns could provide that information.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @daela I did not receive a call, though I work from home normally and was there all day today. (I have an email out to Stacy after her FB Live, but no response there.)

    As @meghanmayhem pointed out, Stacey’s call was worded really awkwardly. Am I the only one thinking that maybe she actually doesn’t know what she’s talking about? No idea what the ramifications of that could be, but this is (wait for it) SUS.

     Lauren Bello 

    @meghanmayhem She did seem baffled, she was stammering.

    I forgot to mention her Freudian slip, and in retrospect it may not have been a slip at all. When she said “back end traffic” she actually said “back end trap– traffic”.

     Maxwell R 

    “Hi, This is Stacey from iConfidant…I’m just calling to make sure you 100% aren’t at your house so we can send people over to wire tap your life. K thanx byeeee.”

    As @111error said…lock the door. You should probably change all your passwords while you’re at it.

     Lauren Bello 

    I wondered a bit if she had detected an anomaly at all, or if she simply wanted to know when I’d be home, and cobbled together her story about my IP being in use to disguise the question.

    Edit: @moustachemax beat me to it

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