6/23 – Disconnected phonecall

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    FUCKING. Shaking.

    Man in his 20s called, no caller ID

    Conversation went-
    “What is your most prized possession?”
    “Like, physical possession?”
    (No answer)
    “Um, I guess my bunny? Does that count?”
    “Your mummy?
    “No my bunny- I have a rabbit.”
    “Oh your rabbit. Why your rabbit?”
    “Well, I guess cause of unconditional love.”
    “Ah. And what if I told you that tomorrow morning you could wake up and you wouldn’t need that item anymore?”
    “I don’t know… it’s hard to imagine not needing unconditional love.”
    “Well we are -”

    Then the phone cuts out. Disconnected or something. I kept asking “hello?” For a solid minute but to no use.

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    Fuck me. First call I get and it gets fucked Up.

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    I’m torn…is it possible it wasn’t fucked up?
    Did they call back?

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    No call back. Doubt it’ll happen

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