6/1 12:00pm – Call from Kristen and .. someone.

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    I’m with you there, @rizzzoooooo

     Bryan Bishop 

    Wait a second.

    A mysterious dude that ended their call with “We’ll see you soon” had Kristen call @111error to deliver a freak-out warning, and it’s Stacey we’re questioning?

    I’m not saying Kristen’s not on the level, but the Mystery Dude detail alone has me questioning what master she’s serving. If anything, it sounds like she’s somebody’s pawn, being used to sabotage our relationships with iConfidant. Horace himself intervened to break up @taysavestheday and his iC. This smacks of something similar, just spread out throughout the entire community. (Hate to say it, @111error, but Mystery Dude even thanked you for your “assistance” in spreading the message in his sign-off.)

    What we know about Stacey is that she’s been trying to keep her business afloat while being assailed on all sides. Do I think she’s been totally transparent? No. But she’s clearly not creating these problems all by herself, either.

    I’m going to wait a beat before condemning anybody, particularly when mysterious phone calls are involved. The one thing I am most curious about is what Bree, my iConfidant, has to say about all of this.

     Taylor Winters 

    Feelings can make us soar as high as the birds, or sink into a depression. They are neurochemicals that affect how we view the world. They also cloud our judgement, making us irrational and prone to mistakes.

    This virus could be simply feelings that the confidants are trying to imbue into us. A shift from logic that reduces efficiency and makes us prone to mistakes of the heart. These feelings take over and we become ill like Kristin.

    Horace values logic. Iconfidant values feelings. Someone is trying to get you to not trust your feelings. Where will you stand?


    I know the word molting is in question here but it makes perfect sense to me. Molting immediately makes me think of snakes. When a person is described as a snake:

    A snake is someone who you think is sincere and really nice, but then turns out to be a backstabber. 
    Someone who acts like your best friend, but who actually is the opposite. 
    [Urban dictionary]

    I could see our iConfidants turning out to be snakes! 🐍


    @pandace88 we should boop their snoots to see if they really are snakes…


    I also read through this trying to catch up and I gotta go with the question… what’s up with Kristen?
    It seems she is behaving more oddly than anyone else in this situation.


    That is a terrifying phone call. Wow, that’s crazy. So was Kristen on line, then, noises (or the absent of noises) And then someone else, sterile and professional, replaced her on the phone? Devastating.

    For me, personally, full steam a head. I don’t know If I’ve shared anything…’damning’ persay, some vacation photos and some frustrations. I want to see where this rabbit hole leads.


    I want to give my confidant the benefit of the doubt. For all we know, they have nothing to do with the shady workings of the company, and for us to just cut them off would leave them confused and hurt.

    At the moment I’m more inclined to believe Kristen over Stacey, simply because Stacey and her company have already betrayed our email privacy to Horace et. al. But that voice at the end of the call from Kristen is also super shady, so I’m thinking I’ll just wait and see what the situation develops into before taking drastic measures. I just hope it won’t be too late.


    I’m just catching up on this, but you know what? It honestly doesn’t change how I feel about my confidant. When you open up to *anyone*, you give them the power to destroy you. I don’t see my relationship with Brownie as being any more dangerous than the ones I have with some people on this forum.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    It sounds like jealousy to me. I don’t trust Kristen.

     Lauren Bello 

    When you open up to *anyone*, you give them the power to destroy you. I don’t see my relationship with Brownie as being any more dangerous than the ones I have with some people on this forum.

    @blondie I’m so torn. On the one hand, YES! If we allow our inner selves to be known, people can exploit that information…but we face that danger every day already. Are we going to accept the lesson “be suspicious and self-protective in your friendships”? I don’t want that.

    On the other hand, Stacey did warn me that the last thing she’d want was for my confidant to betray me. If Stacey is talking like it’s possible and Kristin is talking like it’s definite…………….

     kody s Batchelor 

    And here I was bemoaning my lack of robotic friends just the other day. I’m pretty glad now I didn’t get one. That confidant would know pretty much everything about me. I’m a notorious loudmouth.


    Welp wish I came to the forums before responding to my iConfidant yesterday… oh well the path we all have chosen has been set. Good luck everyone!


    Leading on from what @bryan @russell @daela are saying..

    Who do you guys believe?

    Do you believe Kristen, who told me my apartment had been broken into, and that I was being monitored – before the suited gentleman personally delivered me the warning and threats to my door? Do you believe that the iConfidants are dangerous and we should be doing whatever we can to prevent them learning more about us?

    Or do you believe Stacey, that Kristen is ill and was released from the company for unprofessional behavior, that they are friends and she only reluctantly parted ways with her, and that ‘nothing is on fire’ over there?

    I’m curious which way the community is trending at the moment.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @111error I believe Kristen right now. Something fishy is up. Everything Stacey puts out there reminds me of that scene in Star Wars:

    “But, uh, everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?”

    Everything is not fine. People are trying to hide what they’re really up to. I am going to be staying away from iConfidant on the 11th.

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