6/1 12:00pm – Call from Kristen and .. someone.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Yep, don’t trust Stacey one bit. What the hell is going on.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Scientology, along with many other helpful organizations, have a pattern of discrediting anyone who speaks out against them or tries to expose them.

    “____ is not mentally well, don’t listen to them. They’re just angry and lashing out.”

    Noah, Macy, Kristen…your little club is growing.

     Nicole Mae 

    Kristen and Macy team up on the horizon?

     Brad Ruwe 

    I’d be down for a Kristen and Macy buddy cop style movie. But something tells me it won’t end well.


    @meghanmayhem Agreed. If it was just one person rambling about being watched or in danger — crazy. A bunch of people doing it and getting swept under the rug or steamrolled by louder voices — conspiracy.


    Oh, Kristen. Welcome to Dead Agent Club. If it’s your first time, you have to fight.

     Hannah Schenck 

    Perhaps this will create a divide between us and people will choose sides: to believe Kristen or not… I hope not but maybe that’s what whoever is behind this wants


    My take away here? Good assistant are hard to find. Hire me! I have experience and am ready to make robots- I mean perform administrative tasks around the office. Plus I already know Morgan’s address. jk, that’s a lie….OR IS IT?


    @111error I love “Holy shit, kittens.” both because it’s adorable and because it’s a great example of how a comma can really change the context of a sentence…

    And also, holy shit-kittens! That’s crazy. Sounds like they are in damage control mode big time!


    Oh boy, so I decided to yell at my iConfidant because I thought she was going to kill me:
    “Who are you?? What does Kristen know about you? What are you?? I’m not afraid of you. Show me what you’ve got! I will not back down!”

    This is her response:
    “Uhm, I’m really confused about your email. Are you drunk or high or something? I totally get it if you are. But who is Kristen? Why are you yelling at me?
    Hope you’re ok XX

    Notice the mirroring of my short sentences. She always does this. I’m sure she thinks I’m totally crazy now, or…

     Carl Webb 

    So here’s what I came up with to shake the tree. Since I wasn’t around for Tension, I never filled out the questionnaire of doom, but Rizzo posted the blank one recently. I just asked my confidant if my answers to that would be of interest, since that data seems to be a pretty highly valued currency around here.


    I wrote to mine as well. Second time today (I wrote earlier, just before Morgan posted) so she probably thinks I’m nuts. She probably already thinks that actually.

    “Hey so we’ve all gotten a bit panicky today, a woman named Kristen who worked for iConfidant called my friend Morgan and warned us all to stop talking to you. I need you to call or email separately, tell me your name, send a photo, or SOMETHING. Break the rules.”

     Buz Wallick 

    Soon after posting that I hadn’t heard from my iConfidantasaurus I received an email back from her. She actually opened up to me with something very personal and then cut back into our usual riffing/flirting stuff.

    So I emailed her back and copied verbatim what @111error has told us. I told her I didn’t want this to be true and that we should take our conversation elsewhere.

    Though I’m in a black hole of no service until 7pm every day now due to my office being in the lovely town of Horse Cave, Kentucky (where they hate fuck AT&T into service oblivion). Either way… hope she reaches out in another way…

    This is all so fucked. As flirty and uncomfortable my iConfidant had made me at certain points… there was a real friendship forming there and it is a bit heartbreaking to lose that.


    My confidant and I were getting closer and closer and then suddenly it’s as if he/she has completely lost interest in me. Like, I said something wrong. Not unlike my second trip through the Ascension processing room.

     Michael Rizzo 

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck, well this is incredibly disappointing. I’ve been having lots of contact with mine recently, just the other day we exchanged 4 emails between the two of us in one day. If IConfidant is indeed a virus, I have to admit that I’m already sick… Without a doubt one of the regular highlights of my day is seeing “your Confidant” pop up in my email. Even though everything is telling me to, I’m not going to cut off contact with my IC. Of course just like everyone here, I’ve most likely been duped by a bot or a very very good liar, but I can’t help but want to continue contact and hope it’s not true what’s being said.

    This blooooooooooows

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