6/1 12:00pm – Call from Kristen and .. someone.

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    @111error I’m sure there’s a special place in the :::hearts::: of our confidants. They wouldn’t be so apt to betray those who are in their hearts.

    Be careful running. Sometimes the act of fleeing causes someone to pursuit chase.


    Okay, OSDM. Use my crippling depression and anxiety against me, see if I care.

    Clearly they didn’t abide by the demand made in my application photo. How rude.

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    @chrysalis359 I wish you hadn’t asked that, because it’s a detail I can’t confirm. Maybe it was the stress of the call, panic affecting my interpretation of it, but I thought I did recognize the voice – but that could easily just be me in the moment thinking ‘Fuck, that’s not Kristen any more, who the hell is this..’ and then the voice was gone. Since I am so unsure I don’t want to just randomly throw a name out as a possibility, but it certainly wasn’t Russian. Sounded more like the guy that turned up at my door, but I don’t think it was him either.

     Taylor Winters 

    Looks like Brad and I may have made the right decision to end our relationships early.

    I do wish everyone luck with whatever happens though. This is troubling with the amount of information we have afforded them.


    @taysavestheday Yes, you may have dodged a proverbial bullet here.


    So if our iConfidants are a virus that we’ve let in, it would be our lives that they’ve infected, no? So two sort of possibilities there. First possibility, they’ve infected us in that we now feel for them and they’re dangerous in the sense that those feelings are going to be turned against us. Second possibility, is that we’ve let them into our lives and they’re ready to molt to become…us?

    It bears repeating that this whole thing with iConfidant started with them trying to phish information out of a fairly large group of people. I didn’t receive one of those calls and dove in with iConfidant anyways knowing the risks. I know there had been speculation to that end when this all started, but maybe that really was their game all along. They just want access to all of our personal info that we’ve got stored online.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @chrysalis359 @taysavestheday I fear I may have already given too much info. I mean my iConfidant was already talking normally from the very first email. I may have heeded the warning sooner than others, but I think it may not matter.

     Maxwell R 

    I’m so so so fucked…I have basically told my iconfidant my entire life story. I sincerely hope you are fucking with us.


    @taysavestheday Horace does seem like a much safer option.


    @kevin @taysavestheday A choice between rogue iConfidants & Horace? That’s like 666 of one and half a demon of the other.


    @moustachemax, yeah they are probably going to use that against you. I’m remembering the “word cloud” from shadow meghan…


    @moustachemax Awwww, Max, yeaaaaah, would you feel better if I admitted I didn’t get a phone call, and I’m just lying to spice up our Thursday?

    Because I’m not, and you’re fucked.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @chrysalis359 “That’s like 666 of one and half a demon of the other.” Hello new favorite saying.

    I almost wish I’d revealed more to my iC. I like an emotional challenge.
    But I rarely give anything without someone knowing how to ask for it correctly.


    @meghanmayhem Not gonna lie, was pretty pleased with myself for that one. Use it well!

     Carl Webb 

    Yes, that was a thing of beauty @chrysalis359!

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