6/08 – Noah Sinclair phone call

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    What if Otis is ALL the confidants.


    @theladyj you know that’s kind of like what I’m expecting.
    Everyone will be gathered together excitedly anticipating a stream of lovely people to come in and match up name tags.
    Instead, a lone individual strolls onto a stage and declares, “No. I, am your iConfidant.”
    And then burns the building down.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    All’s I know is y’all are gonna die and all my friends will be robots trying to kill me.


    Dibs on haunting @larry!

     Bryan Bishop 

    Oh @larry we would never kill you but i find your humors delightful JAJAJAJAJA

     Brad Ruwe 

    Could you imagine being haunted DOUBLE by the people who go? Once by the ghost of the murdered person, and again by the robot duplicate that would then roam the earth.

    Would they take turns? Double team? These are the questions that plague my brain at night.


    Dibs on Eiffel Towering @larry with my robot double!

     Buz Wallick 

    Welp… I’ve been pretty much on board with the Sinclairs for awhile so perhaps it’s a good thing I’m skipping out on this Sunday.

    I love that he confirmed though that he was the one posing as you. But why you? Why try and keep you from it?

    I have a feeling that what is going to happen on Sunday is nothing we can predict.


    The closer Sunday gets the less I feel I’m going to see any flour-less chocolate cake. If food is offered, would anyone eat it? Did anyone drink the water at registration?


    @theladyj, that would be really interesting since he would have been playing on so many interests and emotions from all of us.

    Would probably be pretty awkward for @thebuz though with the flirtation stuff his has been giving him.

    Otis: Hi sexy, how u doin’? 😉

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @bryan jajajajajajajaja!

    @kipsie I…I don’t know what to say to that….


    @larry You say “yes.” (Consent is important.)

     Maxwell R 

    @theladyj I did drink an open bottle (I know…I’m a fucking broken record…) and I would probably eat food if it was offered…Vote me most likely to die of poisoning!


    Oh man if I was near my computer, I’d make the most rad seanior yearbook photo and quote, of that statement

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