6/08 – Noah Sinclair phone call

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    @bcbishop The System, or the framework for it, may have existed even before Lust. It would explain Noah’s presence in Tension, and Horace’s well…culty…hobbies. So would we argue that if The System/Tension is built on emotions, and manipulation of those emotions, that iConfidant/Lust is like a System 2.0? Emotion AND Tech. Heart AND Head. Didn’t Stick Man tell someone they would need their head and their heart to survive? The Investors have expressed displeasure with the monetary return of Tension as they go into Lust. I think we already know that money’s not all the iConfidant investors are expecting this time around.

     Lauren Bello 

    @kasch Was the implication that Noah knew you’d “written novels to the CEO” because you’d posted about it on the forum…or because he has access to everything Stacey has access to?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    The iConfidant system is more popular with the community than The System because iC is all about emotions and friendship and buddy system and also taps into the ego and being able to talk about yourself and share with others.
    The System asks people to disregard emotion and doesn’t tap into the ego in terms of sharing with others, so much as focusing ONLY on yourself.
    Asking for a hug versus demanding a blow job, so to speak.

    Once again, head and heart.

     Brad Ruwe 

    This absolutely makes sense to me. The head v heart thing. Cause I know, deeeeep down in my heart, I want to go on Sunday. I even pulled up the registration page last night while on break, wondering if I should register. I want to keep talking with my iConfidant. I want to support Stacey’s company fully.

    But wants can get you in deep shit if you don’t also use your head and think logically.

    If there’s an internal conflict for me, where my heart and head are going at odds with each other, it’s usually the head that wins out. I’ve been burned too many times by chasing the emotional need, and then watching everything fall apart once I made that choice. If using logic and thinking out the options points to the same option I want to go with, then it’s no question.

    That’s how I’ve felt with this. I want to go and see all you amazing people again. I want to talk about theme parks and music with my iConfidant. But I know it’s a trap. One which I’m very likely easy prey to given my emails so far. So the head wins. I may not agree with Horace and the rest of the Sinclairs, but god damnit… I think they’re right this time.

    Boy who cried wolf. Just because Noah’s been a jerk and lied to us before doesn’t outright mean he’s lying now.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @shankfx22: “Seeing the iConfidant seems to be the more popular choice for the community, to what lengths are the Sinclairs going to take to ensure they stay in a power position?”

    My concern? They will put Otis in play. I’d wager many of us have stronger emotional connections to our iC’s than we do Stacey or Kristen at this point, arguably making them less effective pawns. Everybody has loved Otis at some point, however — but lately he’s emerged as a colossal wildcard. @mike recapped all of this recently, but we know that Otis went haywire after working with Noah, broadcast from the same location as Noah and Sarah, and was at the Andy Jenkins ritual with Horace. He clearly seems to be in the pocket of the Sinclairs (even if it’s against his will).

    Frankly, I hope I’m wrong. If we see him on the 11th, I can’t imagine it would end well.

    @nothenrygale In an ideal world, that would be wonderful, but I have a hard time believing The System was ever a legitimate self-realization course. I think it’s far more likely that The System was also something designed to collect emotional data on us — just using a different set of tools. None of it is noble. It’s all corrupt.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @bcbishop Absolutely. Not joining up with The System by any means. Gotta take things in a case by case basis. To just assume The System crew is wrong about everything because they’re shady sets you up for trouble. It’s the genetic fallacy by that point. Assuming all info from someone is incorrect simply due to who it’s from. Who knows, maybe the Sinclairs are urging people to leave iConfidant as a means to get MORE people into that system. They know people don’t trust em, so what better way to get suckers into a trap than by telling people to not join? Reverse psychology in action.

    But what the fuck do I know, we’re all going to have the rug pulled out very soon methinks.

     Michael Rizzo 

    From the sounds of it @kasch, maybe he had some kind of plan in mind for you if you were going? So when you said you told him you won’t be making it, he was happy with that and didn’t have to get into any more detail?

     Andrew Kasch 

    Since Noah hacked my email, I’m sure he was easily able to view all the follow up emails with Stacey. So it’s not a big surprise to me that he knew.

    What he was trying to save me from, especially since I never met the guy, I have no idea.

    But I’m curious if he DID want to recruit me for something to fuck with iConfidant this weekend….Stupid travel plans!

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @bcbishop Frankly I hope you’re wrong too but I have a bad feeling you’re right. We definitely won’t be walking in to see our iConfidant’s smiling faces, but we will most likely see a few faces that are all too familiar. What is their agenda with Otis, other than luring us into a trap with a nice old man we are empathetic for

     Mustafa Said 

    I wonder just what it is about iConfidant that Noah, Sarah and even Horace have all warned various individuals about it.

    I’m guessing Stacey’s got some questions to answer on the 11th.


    From what we’ve seen of him so far, Noah is the kind of guy to look out for him and his own, and no others. When trying to figure out why he called @kasch and told him not to go to the event, we should (as others have said) think about what he has to gain from all this. I don’t think competition between The System and iConfidant is the strongest factor, here, because they’re both backed by the same people, and those people (i.e. Horace) have interests in both companies, not to mention a personal interest (i.e. Noah, his son) as well.

    Then there’s also the question of why Noah is so fixated on Andrew in particular. If his goal was to stop us from interacting with iConfidant, why not make a post about it under the @maddyxxx handle? Why target one guy and ignore the rest? Conclusion: Andrew has something Noah wants, and he’s giving it to Stacey instead of to Noah.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @izryn I 100% think that Noah is the type to look out for him and his own and no more. (I am often the same)
    And I can’t tell you why @kasch was targeted as someone to protect (other than being a lovable guy with a winning smile. Oooh, maybe Noah wants a documentary made?)
    But I did notice there were others that suspiciously were turned down or never given iC’s, despite applying the same as the rest of us. Most notably @lilmsfancpants, who Noah obviously took a liking to early on.


    Stacey said in the video that it’s normal for glitches to occur in a system, then appeared to have corrected herself into saying THE system. She made emphasis on the THE.

    Is iConfidant the system?

    That could mean that surprise, surprise – – the system was probably never about seminars. Or it could also mean that the iConfidant meet up IS the seminar. How crazy would we be not to immediately join if we saw first hand results in someone we knew/cared about??! Are these confidants an advertising ploy for the system? Could they be the perfect, successful “winners” created by Noah?

     Brian E 

    @shankfx22 @wanda102 That’s a strong theory and explains their behavior to a degree, rival factions of some sort. We know the Sinclairs do not want us to go to the meet up, but we can’t get any reason why.

    @kasch Well that interesting that Noah is looking out for you, and warning you about iCofidant. Also gives some clarity on the hacking of your account earlier. But why? That’s the question, what are the Sinclairs afraid of?

     Taylor Winters 

    I find it very interesting that the Sinclairs have such an interest in ensuring that we disconnect ourselves from iConfidant. They are either trying to protect us, make us stronger, or there’s a more personal reason here. Either way, my characteristics fit with the Sinclairs so I am glad I am skipping the event and putting my trust in them. I am curious as to motivations though.

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