6.23 – Call From Unknown Man

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Just got a call from an unknown assertive young man on the burner. Radio silence on that obsolete technology for over a month and a half save for some spam calls.

      I was not expecting that.

      He asked if I knew who this was, which I said that I did not. From deduction I would assume that this is the infamous Fluffernutter.

      He said “You probably think he’s forgotten about you. You were good to him, but people like him, they’re tornados. They cause chaos and toss people to the side. But we haven’t forgotten about you.”

      I tried to ask who “We” was but he only stopped for a moment and then continued.

      “We’ve been watching you. We haven’t forgotten about you. You’ve made yourself known and very memorable. You did that the night you broke into the warehouse and showed your face to the world.”

      Again, I tried to ask who they were and only succeeded in sounding like I was interuptting.

      He continued.
      “There is a culling coming. There are those that will be with us, and those that will be left to the wayside. Will you join us or be left behind?”

      “Who are you?”

      “We’ll be in touch. *click*

      Who is “We” and how did they get the burner number? I am worried about how they got the number.
      Noah, if you are out there…I still believe in your chaos.

      But I will not be left to the wayside.

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      Do not trust this man. Talks the talk but won’t walk the walk.

      20 something promising unknown riches. Sounds like every Craigslist Producer I’ve ever met.

      “We need your canon epic lenses, NO PAY. Great crew, good exposure.”

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      Hard to be “with” someone when you don’t even know who they are or what they want. If I get “left by the wayside” then so be it.

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      Oh fluffernutter, buttering up the ladies!

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       Meghan Mayhem

      I wonder if it’s safe to safe that @kortneydarling, @coryphella, and myself all got called by the same man, choosing to “invest” in us all in different ways. For different reasons.

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      If that’s the case I hope I didn’t lose my chance.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      @kortneydarling I’m pretty certain that whether it was cut off or not, the message was sent. You’re good. Your bunny however…well, you’re good.

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       Brad Ruwe

      “culling” doesn’t sound fun. Just saying.

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      Sounds like a wild Saturday night to me!

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       Meghan Mayhem

      @nothenrygale I suppose it depends on who’s doing the culling, and which side of it you’re on.

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      These recent calls are so good.

      If this guy is an investor, he seems less proud of stating that outright, and what’s with the lack of giving a name? Isn’t that the first thing he should be doing after making eye contact, to gain our trust?
      (I love that we’re going with “Fluffernutter”)

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       Brad Ruwe

      @meghanmayhem Remember the last time there was a culling? Everyone was on the losing side at The End.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      @111error Yes he seemed more pleased in the idea of the “Mysterious We”
      I do wonder if this is that same man that called all 3 of us, the same man that took @rizzzoooooo and @wanda102 out for sweet delights, and the same man that showed up at your doorstep.

      I didn’t necessarily take this call as something in the interest of gaining trust so much as a soft threat. Appeal to my interests of being appreciated, and suggest bad things if I don’t accept it.

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       Andrew Kasch

      Interesting. This tells me one of two things: Either your burner was compromised by the OSDM or some other group….or Noah now has his own group of merry mischief makers.

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