5/15 – No Caller ID Call – Male Voice

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    Sorry I’ve been away.

    This past week has been crazy as I ran the Pixie Dust Challenge (Tinker Bell 10K on Saturday + Tinker Bell Half Marathon on Sunday)

    But as I lie in bed, legs drenched with IcyHot, my wrist started vibrating. I look at my phone… No Caller ID…

    I pick up… a Male voice… I misheard… “Did you say you’re sorry you passed out?” I ask…

    “I saw your periscope”… He repeats in a breathy voice.

    “Oh… which Periscope is that?” I respond…

    He breathes heavily and then says… “Always Watching…”


    I’m back bitches…

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     Brad Ruwe 

    So we now have two “Always watching” messages in one day, both referring to Periscope videos.


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    Wow so they really want us to know theh are always watching apparently.

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    Fuckkk another one…

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     Kevin Hsu 

    gonna need to cross-check periscope viewer list!

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     Kyle Bown 

    And so it continues.

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    @julierei You too! Who will be next…?

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    TheTensionExperience was watching my periscopes prior to SinclairInc showing up. Since then SinclairInc has been viewing all my periscopes…

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     Hannah Schenck 

    And another one… three interactions today within a couple of hours… Who’s next on their list?

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     Taylor Winters 

    Glad you’re back, @julierei! Congrats on finishing the race–and who wouldn’t be watching you?

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