5/25 – Call from Horace


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     Lukas L 

    @taysavestheday sorry I should have explained better. I was saying you want the insider knowledge but is he really letting you inside. I wish you all the luck in the world.

    But to your point. I (being a short chubby guy) have the qualifications of being a delicious steak sandwich. I just wouldnt go replying to Jeffery Dahmer’s help wanted add.

     Taylor Winters 

    @lukasrl; now that I have no idea on. And even if he did, it would take a long time of gaining his trust if he did. This is just a risk I have to take. The price would be high, and if it’s worth it–only time will tell.


    @taysavestheday did you come to the conclusion that Horace wanted you to ditch your confidant or was it pretty obvious?

    When I read “I won’t let you into my world because I think you have an interesting mind or I appreciate your sense of feng shui. It will be because you’ve proved yourself useful to me.” it sounds like he doesn’t care much about what you do for entertainment with your iConfidant (or otherwise) as long as you amp up the copy related to Lust on your website.

     Taylor Winters 

    Hey @shaun,

    So to an outsider, I can see how what he said could be a bit dubious. However, most of the things he talked about were direct comments from my iconfidant emails. He obviously had read them all and wanted me to subdue that side of me.

    Earlier in the conversation, he talked about romance and how it’s a notion of the weak. My confidant and I spoke of romance to great extents. Then moving into the quote you provided–one of my confidant’s favorite things about me was my “interesting mind.” Further, we started our relationship by discussing our decorating styles, dream houses, and I even sent her pictures of mine. So his “Feng Shui” comment is directly referencing that.

    His entire conversation, at least to me, was saying: look, you have this scientific, engineering side to you that’s strong. Use that. All this romance, Feng Shui, and interesting mind bullshit you’ve been discussing with your confidant is just weaknesses and distractions. Do away with that and embrace your logic, and maybe you’ll be useful to me.

    I have had a few others say that I could have kept talking to my Confidant, or I could have kept it more logical and intelligent. But that isn’t fair to her… or me. I need to rid myself of distractions, and she deserves a confidant who can connect to her on an empathetic and emotional level. Plus, I need to show Horace that I’m willing to cut something meaningful out of my life.

    I’ve proven myself here, I’ve proven myself with my video to the Sinclairs. Now, I will continue prove myself useful to Horace.

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