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     Andrew K 

    Lust Facebook Page just posted:

    5 / 1

    Lust Registration Begins

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     Andrew K 

    Is the 17 being seperate man “17:00 hours”? So 5pm?

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    Soon!!! Although, what will the difference between Registering and everything we are already doing be I wonder?

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      Maybe this is for the live shows??? @lenize

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     Andrew K 

    And It specifically says for The Lust Experience. Not The System, not iConfidant….

    So what IS the difference? Are they trying to differentiate themselves from the other two companies? Are they in control of the other two companies, or competing?

    What does this have to do with The Investor revealing himself last night?

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    @warrior perhaps, although it seems a bit early for that to open already. Since both Noah and iConfidant’s things seem to start then, maybe that is then just the official kickoff of this years events, with everything up to now being a pre-show, or taster to get us primed for what’s to come?

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    OK a few thoughts…

    The timeline for last year:

    February/March: consultations
    April 1: forum registration
    Mid-July: tickets on sale
    Early September: Ascension opened
    November: Ascension closed

    This year:
    February 15: forums opened
    March 23: “it has begun” post on FB (shortly after Bryan/Lia encounters)
    May 1: registration for…?

    When did we know something was coming in the fall? Did we only speculate before we knew there were tickets going on sale for something? Or did we *know*?

    I feel like this year, a much more complex story is being laid out. The System, the Sinclairs, iConfidant, Otis, Macy, Kristen, now Marcus – it’s all pieces on a chess board, many seem unrelated, all being just put out there one by one. My sense – which could be wrong – is that it’s going to take a minute for them to come together. This is a slow burn. I don’t think a live show is coming any sooner than it did last year, and maybe, just maybe it’s coming later, or maybe – not at all. Guys, maybe THIS is the live show.

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    @coryphella – There was an inactive ticket link that was added to the site in April/May I think. That’s when we knew something else was coming 🙂

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    Yeah – thanks – I knew there was something.

    I could say more but I don’t want to be distracting from things. I’m just looking at what I see happening and drawing conclusions. Which is btw how I figured out after Kansas City last year that Tension was two people who were either brothers or best friends. 😉

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