5.15 – Phone call from The Man With The Stick

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Add one more to the pile.

    Sitting here going through some work stuff when my phone rings. No Caller ID. It’s The Man With The Stick.

    “Did you make Periscope on March 22nd?”

    I said I did. I asked him who he was.

    “In a hotel room with a woman, was that you?”

    I said it was.

    “Who asked you to make this Periscope?”

    I told him nobody had. That a man named Noah Sinclair had wanted me to spread the word about his business, but that’s not why I did the Periscope. I did it because I chose to.

    “No one told you to? Interesting.”

    He paused.

    “We’re watching you, Mr. Bishop.”


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    So it’s THE INVESTORS who are watching!

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    OK so people who made periscopes are getting calls…. *stares at phone waiting for it to ring at any moment*…

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    This sounds like something a robot confused about the concept of free will might say. That, or they’re human and they think we’re acting under orders. Which we sort of are, in a sense. “Never Silent.”

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    We’ve all noticed the fact that sinclair_Inc is always watching our periscopes and now they’re making sure we damn well know it.

    As I said before, you may be watching us but we’ve got our eyes on you too.

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    OK, this feels like a very clear message to everyone to Periscope more…

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    I tried to periscope Otis inside Idle hour but it was too dark ?

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    If they’re making calls to people who have done Periscopes, then I feel like I need to keep my phone very close to me since I Periscoped the Macy drop. Sometimes I’m not sure if they know I exist, but I’d love to get a call….

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Wow @bryan that’s crazy… have you had any odd interactions with your iconfidant recently? Just asking for curiosity…

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @shankfx22 Today my iConfidant randomly shared a bunch of background information that would almost exactly describe…. Sabrina Kern. Several other folks have had similar readings on their interactions as well, so that appears to be a thing?

    What was so unsettling about the call I just got — other than the fact that I could hear him tapping the stick against the ground right before he said they were watching — is the way he asked about the hotel encounter. It didn’t sound like he was describing my Periscope. It was more like he had seen footage of the event somehow, and was confirming that I was the person in the video he’d watched.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of that, but it’s unnerving as hell.

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    Side note about hotel, still haven’t forgotten the scale and The Egyptian book!!

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @bryan That’s very interesting about Sabrina … I’ll have to go and read that in detail…

    And WOW.. It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if he was watching footage. That is so creepy. I ask about the iconfidant thing bc I feel as though the theory of the investors taking over and having a say in what happens with that is becoming more believable. It would explain why most responses take a few days, they could be filtered and altered.

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    DUN DUN DUN. Seems odd they’re looking so far back. Maybe the investors are finally catching up. #WaitingForMarcosToCall

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    Not really odd…@lilmsfancpants and @bcbishop were the two participants whose big interactions kicked this whole thing off. At the time I had thought it wouldn’t surprise me if they turned out to be two of our “main characters” this year, so revisiting them might make sense.

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    @bcbishop Hey, Bryan, if you spoke on the phone with the man we spoke with at registration… which seems very likely… he was clear to me that he considered what had been created so far, “a mess” and he was here to clean it up.

    From an outsiders perspective, that night with you in the hotel room could look pretty darn messy… awkward blackmail attempts, odd appearance by DLB, multiple meetings with different folks happening simultaneously. Was it wonderfully coordinated mayhem? Or does your mysterious phone caller think it was all,”a mess”?

    I bet he is reviewing every step taken so far by anyone involved, including the whole set up of you in that hotel room. Personally, I think it is a good sign. I kinda liked that mysterious no-nonsense guy.

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     Taylor Winters 

    If the investors are stepping in with more of a heavy hand to course correct (e.g., Sinclair rebranding), then damn straight they’ll be reviewing every little piece of data they have so far. They want to know what worked, what didn’t, why people acted the way they did, and why people didn’t. This is all making sense–and I love that they are involved.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    That all makes a ton of sense @russell. And given all the other events that occurred tonight, it doesn’t just seem like they’re tallying up the mistakes (though that certainly seems to be part of it). It also seems like they’re putting everyone that could be considered a loose end – and could interfere with whatever new fiction or rebrand they have in the offing – on notice.

    To keep us quiet? To make sure we play along? I have a feeling we’ll find out sooner than we think.

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