3/16/18 – DLB and Gordon Ritual

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     Brad Ruwe 

    As you may have seen, Meghan and I were tasked to go to the Beverly Hills Hotel tonight. I get there and she’s dead silent to me, doesn’t even look up when I get there. I later find out that this is from an instruction from Noah. Keep this in mind, it’ll come back later.

    An Uber arrives and asks for us, we get in and are taken to a really nice big house in the hills. We go up to the front door, and it opens to Gordon. He invites us in and I instantly noticed the giant mirror placed along the wall in the main entry way. If I am correct, it’s the same giant mirror from the Red Office at Registration, as well as the one that was situated directly in front of me at the Focus Group way at the start. Once again I’m faced with my reflection.

    We are led upstairs and instructed to sit on a couch. On the table in front of us I notice four playing cards, King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and two Joker cards. I’m looking around the room for more details and trying to remember everything, and notice Meghan is looking back behind me. Turn around and there’s DLB at a far end of a long table. He walks over to us and sizes us up, eventually sitting down next to Meghan. He asks her, “What do you want from this?” and she responds “Unity”. He turns to me and I go “I think you know the answer.” He replies sternly “Answer.” “Change.”

    DLB and Gordon step away and whisper to each other. I may have misread body language (it was dark and fire light was flickering) but I think one of them pointed to me during this. They direct us to head back downstairs. We are led to a dark pathway behind the home where we see two boxes and a metal tub. DLB tells us something along the lines of “We destroy the old to make way for the new”. I may have the exact wording wrong but that was the main gist, get rid of the old for whatever comes next.

    He then has us pick up a box and inside we see all of the old OOA Tension processing forms. All our photos, all our answers. Meghan confirmed it was the same stolen from the Registration warehouse. DLB starts sifting through the boxes, seeming like he’s looking for something in particular. He instructs us to dump all the contents into the tub and has me stomp it down a bit (there was a LOT of paper packed tightly in those boxes). He looks through the tub once more, finds a paper he seems to approve of, and twists it into a sort of paper torch. Hands it to me, and hands Meghan a thing of matches. He has us stand back and this is when it gets weird.

    Gordon starts to bow his head, like he’s at church. DLB take sand or something similar and begins sprinkling the papers with it in some sort of motion. As if he’s doing shapes on the paper with the sand. He steps back, grabs lighter fluid, and begins pouring it on the pile. This is where you all join us on the Facebook Live feed. He instructs Meghan to begin, she lights the paper in my hand, and I ignite the pile. The papers burn, DLB records, and everyone watches online. He asks us “What are you doing?” and I stammer out trying to remember the phrase he mentioned earlier, “Destroying the old for the new.”

    When DLB finishes the video he turns to us. He asks “Why do you think you’ve been brought here?” to which Meghan replies “To witness”. I realize we basically just saw the entire Tension community go up in flames and add “Yes, we just witnessed a death”. It felt like a change for sure, that the old is out, and something big is on the horizon.

    DLB begins to lead us back towards the front and tells us “This is not a victory”. Meghan asks “What is it then?” and we are directed back to our Uber to ride back to the hotel.

    We’re getting back to Meghan’s car at the hotel and I get a Restricted Number call. It’s Morgan. Megan transcribed the call from what I said so if I miss anything she can cover it.

    M: “Tell me what I didn’t just see.”

    B: “You didn’t see puppies? Rainbows?”

    M: “Quit pulling my leg. Was that a ritual?”

    B: “Yes.”

    M: “If that was a ritual it wasn’t about burning paper. It wasn’t about burning data. It was about burning us. Burning the community. It was a sign that we are expendable.”

    We get in the car and compare notes and discuss, and eventually Periscope. As we are finishing up the Periscope Meghan’s phone rings Restricted. It’s us. It’s the Periscope we’ve just been recording being played back to us. Our own words repeated back. This could’ve been just a “we’re watching” message, but I took it as more. It was our witness of tonight’s ritual being recorded. Our witnessing has been documented.

    So I’m sure Meghan will add her own thoughts including more details about her call and why she was silent at the beginning, but I’ll say this. I demanded change, and suddenly I’m literally burning down the old. Whether this was BOS or Oracle or The Master or whomever was behind this, they got me what I desire. They literally gave me the torch to burn down what was.

    And part of what burned with it is my trust in Morgan. I need to think some things over tonight, and I’ll let Meghan post about her calls, because it ties in with something. I mentioned in the Slack just before that I think I figured out what they were going to do to break my heart. When Meghan wasn’t speaking to me it seemed to confirm my worst nightmare. It was a message that they know just what to do to rip my heart out. And they grabbed my heart tonight and made sure I knew they knew. Fortunately it was just a message and not the full act, but it was a message. Loud and clear. They know how to get to me, and it’s because of Morgan.

    But for now, I need sleep. The community is dead. Long live the community.

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    C showed up on Slack late last night with a recommendation:

    c [12:55 AM]
    I am looking for words. And I am coming up short. Stick together. Please. I urge you.

    Look back. Go back to the beginning.

    c [12:56 AM]
    The VERY beginning. Morgan was one of you. People, yes can be corrupted. But he is one of your own. Fight not only with him. But for him.

    c [12:57 AM]
    Morgan has always been in trouble since he decided to resurrect the dead.

    kevin [12:57 AM]
    Did he know what he was doing when he brought it back?

    c [12:57 AM]
    Our time is running out, and I can no longer talk in riddles.

    c [12:57 AM]
    He did not.
    He took his seed and grew a garden many of you are now playing in.

    creepsociety [12:58 AM]
    @c can I post my call?

    c [12:58 AM]
    What call?

    kevin [1:01 AM]
    @c you were saying Morgan created a garden and we were playing in it?

    wanda102 [1:03 AM]
    Right and he _didnt_ know what he was doing

    c [1:04 AM]

    c [1:04 AM]
    Morgan took an idea. Something that was only hinted at, and turned it real.

    c [1:04 AM]
    You all have the same ability.

    <Kristin posts about a call she got from Morgan. It’s deleted.>

    c [1:06 AM]
    That was not deleted by us, but by her. Please respect her wishes.

    c [1:07 AM]
    That will not be allowed back on this Slack. She deleted it. And unless she decides to repost it, it stays down.

    c [1:09 AM]
    I DID NOT delete it, and this topic needs to change now.

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    Just watched the periscope again…couple of things stood out.
    1. Darren saying “I told you from the beginning this isn’t what you think it is.” and also “This isn’t a victory.” I think these are important and The Creators may still not be on our side.
    2. WHY Brad & Meghan?? Clearly this was a ritual, and yeah, witnessing and all, but I have a nagging feeling y’all were chosen specifically. Meghan got the call from Noah pretty much at the last minute so either Brad alone wasn’t good enough (sorry dude lol) or there’s a deeper reason other than just community members witnessing.
    3. The phrase. Burn the old for the new. Well, we don’t know what the fuck the new is, but we do keep hearing about the Big Bad Thing coming. What the fuck is the new?!?!

    Also, Kristin’s call & the immediate shutdown of discussion was super sus. If the call was OOG after all, that could have been stated & we all would have easily dropped it.Seems like there’s more to that as well.

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    I’m definitely on the same page as you. I think these things need to be explored when they were glossed over, ignored. I understand the want for unity. I’m not against those who want it. But, we, the community, tends to get so tunnel visioned that we overlook what needs to looked at or questioned. I think there is more to what happened last night and that it is very possible The Creators are not on the side of the community. Maybe they’re using the community to get themselves out this mess they’re in? Maybe they’re a lot more sinister than we know? So many questions still. DLB said it wasn’t a victory. Who is that directed at?

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    From the big picture angle–

    Last night’s “ritual” was meant for the BoS. With @nothenrygale having changed sides, this complicated things, and thus @meghanmayhem was called in. BoS needed to see that their efforts amounted to nothing–a bunch of ashes in a bucket.

    At least, that’s what I got from a bigger picture PoV.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I think I know why Meghan was brought in last minute, and it tied in to what I said about them sending a message that they know how to break me. Which in turn ties into why I don’t trust Morgan anymore. I’ll elaborate after Megan adds whatever she wants to add, but they know what they were doing with bringing her in last minute and having her remain silent.

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    Oh, also the cards…King of Spades, Queen if Hearts, and 2 Jokers. Those were meant to be seen, and obviously reminds me of dear Otis. So who do those cards represent??

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    Some thoughts.

    You are dealing with a harsh world.
    Some of you here do not take this seriously. You talk and type just because you like to see your words on the screen. But you are wasting energy. You have been stalled, because you stall. There are those amongst you however who continue to move forward. Those amongst you who have risen and been handed responsibility. Remember you all started as the same. My advice, tend to your garden. I encourage you to distrust everything I say to you, but do it with purpose.
    But there are some here, some amongst you who are quickly rising to lions.
    Lions slaughter lambs.

    These were words that @a said to us and they are similar to words that @c said after @shinobi left the channel the other day:

    Some of you have figured out your reason. Some of you still search. And then there are those like Dan who think they have no purpose. To be here. Pay attention. What is coming will happen very fast.

    I think we have truly crossed into the real Lion’s Den here, and the Facebook post – reminding us of how to exit the game, signposting the door – was our final warning. Do you really know what you signed up for? The Creators wanted to make a real-life version of “The Game.” Go back and watch that movie and really think about what that would look like. Would it have defined start and end times? Or safewords? Would you know what was real and what wasn’t, what was OOG and what was IG? Would you know if the conversation you were having with someone was going to be used against you later, or kept secret? Would you know that the friend you had no reason to believe was involved was actually involved and was going to tell you to get out now? Because a real-life version of that movie would be terrifying. And probably unethical, and dangerous, and all of those things that were said in the past couple of days. And yes, it would require a lot of trust on our parts. Just like this does.

    In bdsm there’s the concept of consensual non-consent, meaning in shorthand “I consent to not knowing what’s coming next, and anything is on the table, until I safeword.” It’s the ultimate giving up of control, the ultimate “dropping the whip,” and it requires a fuckton of trust. Usually everything is negotiated (though all situations are different). Consensual non-consent is considered by bdsm standards to be extreme and many don’t like it at all, it’s usually only done in private because others don’t consent to witness it. I have always considered this game (and Tension as well) to be very similar. We joined Tension and there was a statement on the website to the effect of “we will use any means necessary to get inside your head.” We consented to “any means necessary.” Whether we considered the meaning of that is another thing entirely.

    Both @a and @c talked about some participants not taking things seriously. Someone else spoke of that to me as well back in October, a newbie on Slack who wasn’t who he said he was. The door was signposted for a reason. Shit’s about to get real dark. Darren said “I told you all from the beginning that this isn’t what you think it is” – we need to start asking what it actually is, because “it’s not a game” seems like the only truth we know now.

    Lions slaughter lambs. Some of us are becoming lions – implying that the rest are lambs? Suggesting that some here will slaughter others? We were told once before we were about to walk into the Lion’s Den: “This December you are walking into the Lion’s Den, and you can either be a fucking lion, or you’re gonna die a fucking sheep.” He didn’t say we were going to exit in December.

    @meghanmayhem had a call way back in June from an unknown person that also mentioned a culling:

    He asked if I knew who this was, which I said that I did not. From deduction I would assume that this is the infamous Fluffernutter.
    He said “You probably think he’s forgotten about you. You were good to him, but people like him, they’re tornados. They cause chaos and toss people to the side. But we haven’t forgotten about you.”
    I tried to ask who “We” was but he only stopped for a moment and then continued.
    “We’ve been watching you. We haven’t forgotten about you. You’ve made yourself known and very memorable. You did that the night you broke into the warehouse and showed your face to the world.”
    Again, I tried to ask who they were and only succeeded in sounding like I was interrupting.
    He continued.
    “There is a culling coming. There are those that will be with us, and those that will be left to the wayside. Will you join us or be left behind?”
    “Who are you?”
    “We’ll be in touch.”

    We never really fit Fluffernutter in anywhere either, and going back to that night, his bit seems to fit in with the theme of control:

    He talked about how people can trust him because of the friendly and fit way he looks but that he didn’t always used to look like this.
    He said he used to be morbidly obese when he was in high school and by the time he got to college he decided he was going to lose weight to reveal the person he had the potential to be.
    He started going to the gym seven days a week to work out for hours but he didn’t lose any weight.
    Because every night he would go home and he would poison himself with shit.
    He said don’t be fooled by how sweet something like this dessert is. He spoke about toxins and poisons and how while both dishes in front of us were “food,” some things will give you nutrients while some things that may appear to be better because they’re sweeter are actually killing you. He said not to be fooled by the bells and whistles of the sweet treat, it’s poison. Then he got up and said he had to leave and he started to walk away but then he turned back to the table and said “just so you both know this conversation wasn’t about food…’never silent’….but you both already knew that.” And he threw $40 on the table and left.

    I’m now wondering about these two interactions. Meghan asked in her post how this person got the burner number. @thegilded keeps insisting in Slack on who has mod access & powers and who doesn’t. But this group, Omega or whoever – maybe they don’t need them. Maybe, and just go with me here, they have enough power that they can just call a phone, any phone, or gain access to Slack. They don’t need the passwords, or the phone number. They simply can. I don’t know. I’m spitballing.

    The word “culling” wouldn’t have been used in these instances if it wasn’t referring to the same thing. If the culling isn’t people quitting over Morgan then it’s something else, but it’s coming soon, and it’s coming for the people who aren’t serious about the game, maybe even the people who don’t realize what the game even is. I think that the person who called Meghan back in June is Omega, and possibly Fluffernutter is too. I think we are now steeped in the Land of Control. My shit has been about “control” since day freaking one, when Noah said control was my entire problem, and I had to either be in control or give it all up.

    So now, about that ritual the other night.

    @nothenrygale and Meghan walked in and saw a mirror – same as the one from the focus group run by the Sinclairs. We’re back to self-examination and reflections. But Noah wasn’t there, even though he’d set up the meeting. Instead, Darren and Gordon were there.

    The four cards on the table – King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and two Jokers. The King of Spades was used in the Otis video way back – he’s the man at the top. At the time of the Otis video that was Horace – now, it’s Noah. The Jack advances. And someone once referred to Cecilia as the Queen of Hearts I believe? Though perhaps that’s Sarah now?

    Are the two Jokers Darren and Clint?


    This is probably reaching but sometimes the black joker is equated with The Fool, and the red joker with The Magician. I have a feeling we’ve put more importance into the tarot though than is actually there.

    Thinking back to the Otis video – the Ace. Ace of Hearts, what does that stand for? You might not have a choice. Control, again, perhaps. The Ace returns to the deck. I don’t think we know who this is yet.

    “Why do you think you’re here?” “To witness.” I’m not sure why the answer was “to witness.” They didn’t witness. They participated. They were complicit. They burned it down, the “it” here being community. Brad and Meghan were chosen because of what they represented and what they wanted – unity, change, BOS, wanting to stop people from getting hurt. They were then handed the tools and told to burn the community.

    And they did. They had agency. They made a choice.
    “This wasn’t a victory.”

    Everybody who is planning to stay, I would make sure that we spend some quality time with those people in our lives who aren’t in Lust because I think what’s about to happen is going to be brutal.
    It’s a whole new not-a-game.

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