3/1/18 – A chats with us and B arrives

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    a [1:17 PM]
    I think you are focusing on the edge of a tapestry and are too focused on pulling one tiny thread than seeing the bigger picture.

    lazysmartperson [1:24 PM]
    big picture for me is why… why put on a show? for emotional data? to bring power to an ancient order? then this line of thinking makes me start wondering about how… how does emotional data collection work? how can power be obtained?

    a [1:25 PM]
    “Why put on a show?”
    Start there.

    wanda102 [1:25 PM]
    Why put on a show? To get people to come, witness it.

    a [1:25 PM]
    @wanda102 repeat

    wanda102 [1:25 PM]
    To get people to witness it.

    a [1:26 PM]

    a [1:27 PM]
    I must ask, WHY PUT ON A SHOW, and not do it in private, why are these things public?

    a [1:28 PM]
    If they wanted to recruit you, they don’t need a show to do it.

    a [1:28 PM]
    They aren’t making money.

    a [1:29 PM]
    What else does it do?

    a [1:29 PM]
    FORGET exposure.

    a [1:31 PM]
    @wanda102 you have been close in the last few days.

    b [1:33 PM]
    @a will be taking an absence for a little while.

    b [1:33 PM]
    Continue on.

    b [1:34 PM]
    A, had a tendency to talk a little too much. I will ensure no further interruptions.

    b [1:35 PM]
    I am not here to answer questions.

    b [1:36 PM]
    It’s not censorship.

    kevin [1:36 PM]
    @b can we trust you on that though? A said people could be slid in and we’d have no difference.

    b [1:36 PM]
    From what I gather, most did not believe her anyway. So, no loss, correct?

    b [1:37 PM]
    Yes, you can trust me. You should trust me.

    a [1:40 PM]
    No, this is how it works. Please, do not be alarmed.

    b [1:46 PM]
    That was not her place. Nor mine to steer you in any direction. We are not here to provide backstories.

    b [1:46 PM]
    To watch. To report.

    111error [1:50 PM]
    @b I want @a

    b [1:51 PM]
    This is not the way it works.

    111error [1:51 PM]
    The way it works is YOU work for ME. Bring back @a.

    111error [2:13 PM]
    @a – Explain to them please what you told me last night regarding the retreats.

    111error [2:14 PM]
    @a ? It’s fine, I’m asking you to comment on this.

    a [2:14 PM]
    Yes, I am here.

    111error [2:15 PM]
    The retreats.

    a [2:16 PM]
    All actors have to attend the retreats. It’s mandatory. Some obviously do not like to talk about it.
    But, there have been non actors there in the past.

    111error [2:16 PM]

    a [2:16 PM]
    Members of this community.

    111error [2:17 PM]

    b [2:17 PM]
    Both of you, please.

    a [2:18 PM]
    I do not know their names.

    111error [2:18 PM]
    But you are confidant?

    a [2:18 PM]

    111error [2:20 PM]
    What she is telling us, is there are more people here than just Lia.

    111error [2:23 PM]
    OR, they have walked away.

    111error [2:23 PM]
    Stopped participating.

    b [2:25 PM]
    @111error, this is dangerous. Letting this happen is dangerous. Not picking up your phone is dangerous. Act like a leader if you want to lead.

    a [2:26 PM]
    No. You are connecting dots. I just told you I know some of this community has attended in the past.

    bcbishop [2:27 PM]
    @a can you share how long ago these community members attended? how long have we been infiltrated?

    a [2:28 PM]
    Since the beginning.

    Argentrose [2:29 PM]
    @a Did they know what they were attending?

    a [2:29 PM]
    @argentrose, I do not have that answer.

    wanda102 [2:31 PM]
    That’s right. So accusing people who are not here to defend themselves I think is really out of order.

    111error [2:31 PM]
    @wanda102 I have not called *anyone* out.

    111error [2:31 PM]
    We have lost dozens of people .

    Dozens and dozens.

    wanda102 [2:32 PM]
    @111error I did not say you did

    111error [2:34 PM]
    If someone’s not here it’s probably for good reason. Focus on what’s in front of us.

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