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    @kingkill33 asked A the following question:
    I have a question for @a. How did @111error become your organizational leader? From your words, “BOS” has been around for awhile, longer than what we have been exposed to from the start of Tension, fighting the big bad “OSDM”. Not to forget that originally, BOS, for us during our Tension days, was a false prophet.

    So, who was your leader before ol’ British boy walked in and let him claim himself as King?

    Even on another point, if you had no leader and just let some bloke come in and tell you all how shits gonna operate now, what kind of operation is that?

    I find a lot of holes in how the BOS operates and y’all are not appearing to be as open as you want to say you all are.

    If you can point out why an organization that has been around for longer than we’ve known about, is just gonna change course and follow a new self proclaimed king, please let us know.
    -Just thoughts of a crazy guy.

    a [8:08 PM]
    @kingkill33, your question is complicated, I will do my best to answer in the most streamlined manner possible. The BOS is new. Created by writers to help sell an “immersive event”. An abbreviation made up of ideas that have been around a lot longer than you or I. However, the idea of Seraph’s and Protectors have always been apart of what this is. Originally this group was part of The Order. A branch inside. The directives were to protect the The Order and its secrets at any cost. Through many years corruption grew from those in power, and paranoia took root in various Chapters. The Alliance of Protectors began to break away and operate independently trying to separate itself from the virus taking hold of the Organization. Trust within The Order was diminished. The Alliance of Protectors began to fight the very organization who birthed it. Their own army turned against them. They wanted to restore The Order, based on The Great Book’s teaching. This led to the Great Decree, The Controllers put forth a proclamation to eradicate the Alliance of Protectors, and they succeeded. Those who weren’t killed, disappeared. Years would pass and The Order would go unchecked. It wasn’t until the launch of the “Tension” that a fictionalized account, cobbled together from scraps of paper, and stories handed down from person to person that fiction blended with reality giving it a power unto itself.

    a [8:10 PM]
    Sadly this story is not unique.
    Look at history.
    It repeats itself.

    a [8:10 PM]
    All power will corrupt.

    a [8:11 PM]
    There will always be those who Rise to overthrow corruption, only to soon find themselves the corrupted.

    kingkill33 [8:14 PM]
    Like y’all just let him call the shots all of a sudden? The previous guy wasn’t like, nah, I got shit handled?!?

    a [8:14 PM]
    @kingkill33, I did not see you rising to the occasion.

    daela [8:14 PM]
    It sounds to me like the original organization died out

    a [8:14 PM]
    He took it upon himself to make it real again.

    mumumusings [8:14 PM]

    The Controllers put forth a proclamation to eradicate the Alliance of Protectors, and they succeeded. Those who weren’t killed, disappeared.

    a [8:14 PM]
    it took fiction, and made it NONfiction by his “action”

    a [8:15 PM]
    You all have the ability to make fantasy real. Soon you will learn that.

    a [8:16 PM]
    But again, @kingkill33, please do not believe me, or things I type. These could all be further lies meant to steer you away.

    wanda102 [8:17 PM]
    You make your own path here though. You make it real.

    a [8:18 PM]
    yes @wanda102, @111error made his way.

    coryphella [8:18 PM]
    @a you have said a couple of things that make it sound like you know what’s coming for us

    a [8:19 PM]
    I do not have a crystal ball, I can not see the future.

    a [8:19 PM]
    However, sadly, history has a way of repeating itself as pointed out by your brothers and sisters.

    a [8:21 PM]
    The team you refer to as “The Creators” spew lies. I am unsure if they know half the things they are saying, but as with many, hidden within their lies truth can be found.

    a [8:22 PM]
    They speak of seeds being planted and taking root. Some amongst you have taken seeds and planted them, others, scoff at the seed you were handed.
    @111error cultivated a garden

    coryphella [8:23 PM]
    and some of us obsessed over them and sang to them

    a [8:23 PM]
    @coryphella you singing was your choice, and had a consequence.

    wanda102 [8:23 PM]
    And yet we are free to choose where to grow, yes?

    a [8:24 PM]
    freewill @wanda102, always

    kylebown [8:24 PM]
    Does anyone feel like this @a is way more connected and knowledgeable than they should be for an allegedly separate compartmentalized watcher?

    kevin [8:24 PM]
    A, how are you aware of what happened with @coryphella?

    a [8:25 PM]
    @kylebown if you were paying attention I wasn’t always here.

    a [8:25 PM]
    @kevin, in the same way you know. I watch, and I read and I report.

    kylebown [8:26 PM]
    I’m referring back to “your” previous explanation that the @a’s are kept compartmentalized so they don’t have too much knowledge if discovered.

    a [8:27 PM]
    Reread what I wrote. I was not always @a, I came from a Chapter before I too left. But, I am happy to go back to non responses.

    kylebown [8:28 PM]
    That makes sense. So is your goal to return the group to its original pure form?

    a [8:30 PM]
    My goal is give @111error the tools and information he and his need to remove those in power from their throne. I am a cog, and do not have the power or right to demand such things.

    111error [8:33 PM]
    @a Stop answering for a minute here. I wasn’t expecting you to go so deep on a Monday, to be honest, and I don’t want this to start spinning into a Reddit AMA.
    Let’s have a quick DM.

    111error [8:36 PM]
    I am not ending it, but she needs a moment to talk with me – you all wanted answers, and for a fucking YEAR you got non-answers. Now we’re in this position of her becoming … a walking fucking encyclopedia opening up, and you joke about it, when this is shit that could put me and others in .. very compromising positions

    a [8:40 PM]
    @111error thank you, but I have dealt with a lot worse. @kingkill33. Do you want your answer?

    Like you, I was drawn to the mystery. The excitement. The thrill of what The Order was offering. Slowly, i watched everything I loved and cared about die, and turn on each other. I watched my world, and my reality fall apart all around me.
    One morning I awoke to realize everything that made me me gone.
    I was a shell. (edited)
    Morgan was the first person stupidest enough to not care what happened running full speed ahead at this. Nothing is more dangerous than someone who simply does not give a fuck. That is why I am back. That is why I am here. And that is who I have chosen to help overthrow the king. (edited)

    a [8:53 PM]
    there have been secret societies since the sun first rose

    a [8:53 PM]
    they all operate with the same currency

    a [8:53 PM]
    secrets exposed BUT FIRST you must…

    a [8:54 PM]
    Once you comply, and do the task, it only steps you up to the next set of secrets.
    I’m afraid I do not have THE ANSWER. I only have an answer that will inevitably lead to more questions.

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    A popped in to Slack again this morning:

    a [9:30 AM]
    I understand you all want answers quickly, but that is not the way the world works. We all make decisions based on our truth, and reality. @111error made a decision based on something he knew to be true. Again, I urge you to wait until you understand the facts before issuing judgement.

    maenicole [9:31 AM]
    @a so you already know ‘the facts’?

    a [9:31 AM]
    I do.

    maenicole [9:31 AM]
    So why aren’t YOU sharing?

    a [9:31 AM]
    But, it is not my place, or role.

    a [9:32 AM]
    We live in a world where we prosecute based on assumptions. There is always more to the story.

    wanda102 [9:33 AM]
    As he knows, im still pretty steamed about this being morgan’s tactic. I’m hoping for clarity, like always, as to WHY the fuck this was the only way. So if you’ve got more explaining about this, I’ll listen, Morgan…but this better be good.

    wanda102 [9:34 AM]
    Well you know me, ears and eyes open always. It tempers my rage.

    a [9:34 AM]
    @wanda102, I don’t answer to you
    You have free will as well.
    You don’t like the way the world works?
    Change it.

    kevin [9:36 AM]
    @a do you feel you have free will in this situation?

    a [9:36 AM]
    No, but I also not playing your game.

    coryphella [9:37 AM]
    I thought this wasn’t a game

    a [9:37 AM]
    It’s not

    erisbonn [9:37 AM]
    but this isn’t a game?

    a [9:37 AM]
    that is my point

    wanda102 [9:37 AM]
    You have your role and you’ve made it clear, @a. @111error is the one who knows why he did what he did and stands in a place to explain it. You have no obligations to me, or anyone else here. People want to trust you. I wish you wouldn’t make it so hard.

    a [9:38 AM]
    Do you want to talk about trust?

    a [9:40 AM]
    I aligned myself with him. Not you. Fair-weather people jumping sides, right, left, right left. I made him a promise. And yet you are asking me to break that trust, and freely and openly hand you a key that will unlock the great mystery. Sorry princess, it isn’t that easy. If I did what you say, how could ANY of you ever trust me? If I would be quick to break my oath to him, and the idea of what this is?

    a [9:41 AM]
    Then again, I think we have established. Do not trust me. And my above comment was not directed at everyone.

    a [9:42 AM]
    There wasn’t a this before he made it. It was just three letters used by a group of people hoping for something more.

    A small few of you made this real.
    And you know who you are.

    a [9:42 AM]
    I also stand with you.

    bcbishop [9:43 AM]
    But you’re right @a. We can also change this world. Which means we can bring you, and BOS, and Morgan the fuck down if we align to do so.

    a [9:43 AM]
    But there are still some amongst you who care not about us, or them. But chaos.

    a [9:43 AM]
    @bcbishop, you are right. You can sure try.

    a [9:44 AM]
    My only piece of advice @bcbishop and @chelsea. Don’t let fear hold you back.

    Lots of us talking right here.

    a [9:57 AM]
    Fighting will not bring you closer to the answers you are all looking for.

    a [9:58 AM]
    If I lit a match and started this, than I will take a leave, that was not my intention. There are other a’s, and I do not want my personal beliefs to infect this.

    a [10:00 AM]
    You have chosen topics that I can not speak on, but there is much untapped that I can.
    Would you like to hear such story now?

    a [10:04 AM]
    Do you all understand Cognitive Dissonance? You all seem like a smart bunch. But for those who would like clarity… Cognitive Dissonance is when a person holds two ore more beliefs that are at odds with each other.

    a [10:04 AM]
    You spend your entire life believing one thing

    a [10:04 AM]
    only to wake up and be introduced to something else, that crushes what you once held up to be “truth”

    a [10:05 AM]
    An atheist spends his entire life denouncing the belief of a God, and then is visited by an angel – THINGS CHANGE. He changes.
    Most people in their life can grapple with this.
    We are children and are told to believe in a man who brings us presents who comes down a chimney and eats are cookies.
    We grow older and are confronted with the truth of it being something much more mundane.
    We face conflicting beliefs daily.
    However, this. This world of the esoteric. The occult. Cognitive dissonance takes on a completely different form.
    It crushes you.
    To some, it drives them insane.
    Others, take their own lives unable to accept what they are being presented.
    Don’t for a SECOND believe there are only two sides.
    There are infinite sides based on how much you have uncovered.

    a [10:09 AM]
    Again, wait until you have the facts, then demand blood.

    a [10:10 AM]
    You have wound the clock.
    And I hear it ticking
    Good Afternoon

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    a [9:44 AM]
    My only piece of advice @bcbishop and @chelsea. Don’t let fear hold you back.

    I wouldn’t count on it, A.

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    A has continually insisted that they are but a cog in all of this. Cogs generally don’t have allegiances, they’re part of the machinery, turning ever onward with no goal of their own. (A also admitted today that they don’t have free will in this.)

    Clocks are made up of specific parts, made to keep the time, run right on time, and to keep doing so. Cogs are, of course, one of those parts. The connection has been there the whole time, but A made it explicit today. “You have wound the clock and I hear it ticking.”

    The curious thing is that the idea of winding the clock is pure OSDM.

    Is A just a part of that clock, their only interest in performing their duties as a cog? Right now, that benefits Morgan and BOS because that’s how the clock always turns. When it hits midnight, it’s time for the revolutionaries to play their part. But when the clock strikes a certain hour, they’ll be removed from play until their time comes again. A has inferred that these same beats have played out before. It appears that they’re playing out again.

    What do we do with the clock though? Walk away from it? Try to destroy it? Or willingly play our role?

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