12/6 – Call from Stephanie


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       Meghan Mayhem

      Got a late night call from Stephanie. It’s always nice to hear her voice, she sounded happy. We had a nice chat about some things unrelated to Lust.

      I was happy to let hear from her.

      It was over quickly and she thanked me for listening and said she was off to bed.

      It’s uncomfortable sharing a call from a friend but…I am happy she is happy.

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      Er, @meghanmayhem was your post edited? I could’ve sworn there was more to it before I logged in to comment.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Looks like someone doesn’t like the truth leaking and Stephanie most definitely has eyes on her.
      Not only was my post tweaked, but someone locked me out of my account while doing so.
      Tisk, tisk, tisk.

      Eyes or not, I’m still listening.

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      @lilmsfancpants posted Meghan’s full comment, and that got deleted too…

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Seems like they’re trying to isolate her from us. And she’s either been manipulated this entire year or is in on all the machinations.

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      Looks like I got booted and password reset too.

      Thing is, you can’t un-ring a bell. Someone’s keeping tabs on Steph and doesn’t want us to know she’s in trouble. I still intend to look after my girl.

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