12/4 Call from Stephanie

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    So I just mentioned this in slack but I’m carrying it over to here.

    I missed a call from Stephanie a little bit ago and she asked me to ring her back so I did.

    She mentioned that she’s stressing over the Midseason Event, she’s doing a lot of data entry stuff and she’s peeved because she thought she’d be acting. I agreed that was not good use of her many skills.

    She said it’s like she sits down to work for two hours and suddenly it’s like five hours have gone by…and she asked me what time it was and was surprised that it was almost 10pm. Like she’s losing time, maybe.

    She said they also want to control who she talks to which is bullshit.

    And then she asked if I heard a clicking sound on the line. I didn’t. She said she was gonna go and she’d talk to me later.

    I started letting everyone know and she called me back. She was just sobbing. Not saying anything just sobbing over and over before the line cut out.

    …I don’t even know, guys.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    When we saw her at the Investor meet and greet, she was flustered and annoyed that she thought she’d be doing some acting but instead was used by Gordon as a hostess/production assistant (Seriously, why don’t we question Gordon more??)
    And now we see her flustered for the same reason, being used for clerical work instead of acting.
    It begs the question that we should wonder why Stephanie laughed off our assumptions that she was the “Stef” calling participants about their MSE tickets. Is “Stef” who she is under their control, when she’s not the Stephanie we know?
    Was she “Stef” or Stephanie at Briarberg?

    Who else has this duality?

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    Someone just called me from a No Caller ID and told me to “back off.”

    …try me.

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    Sounds like she’s not just paranoid here. Her phone is tapped.

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    What a strange message to relay considering you didn’t initiate any contact there.

    If Steph is working on Anointment, it stands to reason that she’s with OSDM. The last place she was really seen was with Briarberg, which is where things get kind of fishy. Did the people at that meeting, ostensibly a part of The System group from the Part 2 video, actually believe she was part of a cult and then…just let her slide right back into it? Now I realize there are other factors at play there, it isn’t so easy to get people out, she thought she was just getting work, etc…but still kind of odd.

    Unless, and it looks like @bcbishop suggested it a bit ago, she’s really just playing the part of an OSDM rep with this call. And then the second call was just to add a bit of menace to the situation, push everyone off balance as we get ready to walk into OSDM HQ.

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    Honestly @kevin, she called me as a friend. From her cell. It was a friendly call that turned sinister and only got worse.

    But yeah, I’m not backing off her in this lifetime. Sorry to disappoint.

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    This all lines up really well (maybe too well) with what A was telling us to think about on Slack a few days ago. In my opinion, OSDM Stef and real-world Stephanie collided last night. I think the first conversation and the sobbing call were different personalities. I’m not saying this is definitely, absolutely what happened, I’m just trying to apply the information we received from A.

    So, Stephanie called you, gave you some innocuous behind-the-curtain information and realized that she’d lost time. Then something happens when she freaks out and hangs up. Did she then get contacted by the “back off” guy? Did she slip back into whatever headspace she was in when she was on the computer for hours? Then you get a teary call from Stef, and a vague threat from Mystery Man. I think these were distractions. Stephanie said something very true and very odd to you, and immediately this shitstorm of drama gets thrown in your face to make you feel all the feelings.

    @meghanmayhem Who else has this duality? I’d say that more than a few well-caffeinated participants have shown odd behavior, for starters. Also Noah to some extent, as well as Otis and Andy. Basically, a shit ton of people.

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     Drew Huntley 

    It is odd that they are presumably using the “helmet” on her, then having her do clerical admin work while she is under their control. They are obviously being more careful this time around during the control process. Using her to do mundane tasks and observing her behavior till they know they have full control and she is stable.
    Does this mean Otis/John was more of a dry run on the new process before executing on Steph/Stef?

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    For cohesion here: I did also get a call from Steph in the morning on 12/6 that was a long stretch of silence, followed by static, some clicks, then disconnect.

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