11.28 Waivers from Timothy Granik

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     Bryan Bishop 

    These started going out yesterday, but for the record: It looks Timothy Granik is sending out waivers for everyone to sign for the Mid-Season Event. I received mine a little before 2pm today (I’m in the first slot on Friday the 15th).


    We are humbled that you have decided to participate in this experience.

    However, before your attendance is confirmed you must sign the following Release and Waiver.


    This document must be executed no later than December 1st.


    Timothy Granik

    Tim sending them out himself seems potentially interesting, particularly since we all signed some version of this waiver when we bought tickets. At first glance, the big difference here appears to be language involving an “ongoing documentary.”

    By entering the premises I understand that I may be asked to participate in an on camera interview for use of an ongoing documentary. I further agree that the company may use and license others to use my name, voice and likeness. By participating in the experience, I acknowledge that I may be filmed, photographed and recorded during Lust for promotional use.

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    Mine came in this afternoon as well. The two most interesting parts for me are that, yea @bcbishop, Granik is sending them himself, and two, Granik is sending emails from the info@ gmail. That’s uh… weird.

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    Ok more. He didn’t have to sign his name. No one needed to sign off on that. It could have been Lust, The Experiences, etc. But no, they/he wanted us to know that the waiver was coming from Granik. That’s incredibly telling. I’m not sure what it’s telling us, but that isn’t a random thing. That’s something big.

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     Lauren Bello 

    Is that a lustexperience.com email address?

    If we still believe there’s an OSDM, and if we believe that Timothy Granik is part of the OSDM, and if we believe that Noah is truly a rebel taking on his father (I know there are plenty of skeptics regarding all three points), then this is interesting because it reinforces that not ALL of the Lust Experience has been The System. Suggests that there really has been a power struggle to control the experience.

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      Is that a lustexperience.com email address?

      Yup, info@ thelustexperience. So yea, it’s either that there really is a power struggle, or that we are looking at even more fiction. The OSDM could be fake. The System could also be fake. We could be looking at a situation where it’s all fiction.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    I received a waiver this morning for a Sunday show, and couldn’t help but notice a minor change. Whereas the first round of waivers were simply sent to “info@thelustexperience.com”, today’s has the name “Horace Sinclair” associated with that email address.

    From Thursday:

    From today:

    @kevin is seeing the same on his waiver, so this definitely seems to be a change made on the side of The Experience. For those that received waivers yesterday, were yours sent to info@TLE or Horace?

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     Tim Redman 

    I received a brief call tonight regarding the waiver I signed earlier today. I think I was scolded for signing with a penis sketch. At least somebody is paying attention somewhere.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    But who was the call from @timsmynamesmyname?

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     Tim Redman 

    If I were to guess it sounded like Sabrina. I wasn’t sure do I didn’t add that bit.

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