10/9/17 – Mason makes a Slack account

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     Lauren Bello 

    Mason popped in on Slack today. Although much of what he said was later deleted by A, the archive stored all of it. His username was @Silver.

    Hiya peeps
    I am not the type of guy to get, well excited
    but i would be lying to ya, if I didn’t say I was not a tiny bit excited right now
    I have a NEW friend
    a guy like me doesn’t have a LOT of friends
    so when comes
    it’s kind of a big deal
    well wait, hold up, we aren’t actually friends yet
    but I have hope
    see the word [sic] I do is hard
    time consuming
    and very very labor intensive
    hey @kingkill33, maybe don’t talk when I do. how does that sound turbo
    so I just wanted to come in here and thank one of your own for applying to be my partner, and friend.

    He then posted a picture titled “gofuckyourself”:

    got a lot to do tonight, have fun fam.
    @a, i don’t like you, but I do agree with your assessment that @kingkill33 is a waste of life
    Lastly, @coryphella thank you so much for the pictures. They were… lovely

    We began to speculate on 1) who had submitted the resume, and 2) who Mason was telling to go fuck themselves. At first we thought that Mason was referring to the resume-submitter, so he came back to clarify.

    you guys are TOOOOOOO much, I steeped away to get some cereal and out come the conspiracy theories. The FUCKYOU wasn’t for them sillies. It was for the other THEM, reading it. it was my little ? 🙂 okay, enough exposition, the night is young, and I want to play.

    (Kingkill asked, “Steeped?”)

    stepped, or stepped, they both give different connotations to the sentence… keep it steeped… i like that better
    damn you auto correct
    don’t mess up my life

    (MaeNicole: “You’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself buddy”)

    Just living my best life. Alright, seriously now. Shhh, I have work to do.

    Just then, A began deleting Mason’s comments one by one.

    ahhh come on
    don’t make me mad….
    or madder

    At this point, I posted a link to the archive, which A promptly deleted.

    Mkarrett, registering the deletions, commented that this was typical of OSDM: “Redact redact redact”. This too was deleted. As was ErisBonn’s comment, “your redact got redacted”

    As we tried to explain to Melissa about A and Mason’s shady behavior on Slack, we didn’t know exactly how long Mason had taken over the A account, or who else was behind the A account, and we didn’t know who JustLurking was. Mason came back:

    Jesus @a, get your shit together, they can’t even keep track
    hey @a, this isn’t this the time you fuck ups do a huge expositional dump, or have those days past [sic]?

    Brad: hey @Silver be the change you wish to see in the world. lay some more info on us.

    so what @nothenrygale, you want me to give the expositional dump?
    here goes
    this abbreviation is against this other abbreviation that they can’t seem to get straight
    then some shit happens
    and then they disappear

    All of this was promptly deleted.

    hey @a, i should have a house party, invite all your peeps, and see you try to delete me then

    This final comment was deleted, and that appeared to be the end of both Mason’s posting and A’s deletion spree.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Thanks for this recap thread, @daela. I was AFK when this went down, so I appreciate you keeping everything in one place.

    In the interests of keeping everyone appraised, it looks like Mason also made another appearance last night in #general:

    Mason Silver – 11:56 PM
    @a come on man
    you have to have something better to do than delete my shit
    I’m running out of email accounts, and it’s getting tiresome to keep creating them

    Mike Gray
    Right?! I’ve been saying that forever
    At least we agree on something @Mason Silver

    Mason Silver – 11:57 PM
    it’s really annoying, do you know they ask for your phone number when you create them? I mean, invasion of privacy much? Oh wait

    He then moved to #caps:

    Mason Silver – 11:57 PM
    hey playas

    He then posted this video.

    Folks asked how he was doing….

    Mason Silver – 12:05 AM
    good, good, little of this, little of that.

    [some delay]

    Mason Silver – 12:09 AM

    Then he posted another video approximately 30 minutes later.

    Mason Silver – 12:39 AM

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I’m curious to think of what @111error has to say about Mason going into his #caps.

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    JFC, those videos are as horrifying as they are hilarious. I’m bummed I missed watching his drunk Slack meltdown live, but I have a feeling this kind of stuff will just keep on coming…

    So what do we do? Are we going to just sit back and watch him slaughter like, 80-something more people?

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    Hrm. Copying this over from Slack, since we still don’t know who sent this resume. @mike works in e-commerce or something and has been Team Argyle from the beginning. I would like to think he’d use better punctuation if he sent this resume over, but who knows. @wanda102 brought up that maybe it was Otis? He used the phrase “new friend” recently. A couple of issues: Otis couldn’t set up his own facebook. I’m not sure e-commerce would be in his skillset. Also “…own of your own for applying…”? Would we consider Otis one of our own? That sounds more like one of the community. @daela brought up the good point that the “gofuckyourself” directed that “Them” could be because someone from OSDM wants to be on his team.

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    I think @mike is immensely overqualified for the body dumping and bleach scrubbing that Mason needs help with. Otis is an interesting choice though, @chelsea. His relationship with his current employers seems pretty tenuous, to say the least. Whoever it is, I have a feeling we’ll see them guest star in one of Mason’s snuff films sooner rather than later.

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     Robert Fuller 

    It’s not in Otis’s skill set, but maybe in John’s? But I don’t think he wrote it. I think it was either a participant who hasn’t ‘fessed up yet, or Mason himself who wrote it. If it was a participant, why haven’t they come forward? If I wrote something like that, I’d totally own up to it.

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    @remrelganaps, I also think there is something fishy about this. Isn’t it more likely someone on the inside would reach out to Mason? Someone who is aware of Mason and wants to use him to somehow climb the corporate ladder – raise their own value in this kill-or-be-killed business environment by riding someone else’s shooting star, maybe?

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