10/13 phone call between Daela and unnamed Briarberg woman

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    Daela is currently out with her husband right now and received a call, so she asked me to do the write up after providing me with the materials to do so. My general version of it is as follows:

    Call begins with a woman, presumably from Briarberg asking about ARG’s in general. Daela asked her to identify herself but she would not. Did, however, insist that she was _absolutely sure_ that Daela knew her. Immediately went into some questioning. First, she confirmed that Daela was following Lust on social media. Then, she asked about the songs and posts that Lust has been putting up on Facebook. Asked Daela if any of them felt personal to her. Daela confirmed that they did, and the woman asked for specifics. How did they feel personal, and which ones. Daela answered in a broad sense, more generalized. She said that the posts felt personal because some of them seem to reference or were in response to conversations that she was a part of. Content with that answer, the woman asked if Daela remembered that Lust had posted Hole by Violet.

    Rather than focusing on that, she changed gears. Suddenly the woman seemed angry. Insisted that this was how THEY operated. THEY made things feel personal like this. It was their source of power. She had a whole team of scientists and had years of proof and Daela should not FUCKING take this lightly. Her anger subsided. She apologized. She was under a great deal of pressure recently.

    Again, another topic change. Suddenly she was chipper and happy and made conversation with Daela about Taylor Swift’s new album and Ms. Swift’s relationship with Katy Pery. She said that she was looking at Daela’s picture. That sometimes when she looked at her picture, she felt like she was there with her.

    She asked about pets, and whether Daela had any or not. Daela responded that she did not but may one day be interested. The woman mused that maybe Daela could possibly get her faith. And that maybe Daela could mark herself with her faith and that way the two could grow and mix their power. The woman insisted that she not answer this unusual request. No one would believe her, anyways. THEY’d just make it seem like another fictional thing, anyways.

    The woman signed off by saying that she’d be waiting and watching and looking forward to being able to smell her in person. The final words she spoke in the conversation was “Don’t forget about me”. Daela confirmed that she definitely wouldn’t. I doubt I would either.

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     Kyle Bown 

    That is some weirdness right there. Feels way too much like one of the early Mason calls. Be careful @daela

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    I had thought that Mason was just… curious. But this is a pattern. References to smelling, pop music, weird… faith… mixing… whatever that was.

    This is a pattern. Briarberg seems more than an organization, it’s a personality pattern. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Daela gets asked to be the mother of a child and this woman goes to town on someone with what I guess is going to be a machete.

    Or as some theories have gone earlier, perhaps this is a Sabrina or Michelle entity. Perhaps this is an instance of The Helmet being used one a group of people with the same setting, to create agents of a weird style of chaos.

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     Luke Nilsson 

    Found it. Disturbingly similar. Maybe Violet and Daela could compare notes for us?

    Call from Mason 8/29

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     Brad Ruwe 

    The hell is going on. This is so strange. As Morgan said in his call the other night, things aren’t making sense.

    Let confusion reign supreme.

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    Seems almost like a female version of Mason so far. Wonder if she’ll continue to follow a similar pattern and start disturbing phone calls to others like Mason? As @thegilded said, it all seems to be some sort of pattern. Maybe all the personnel in Briarberg act this way when they start getting into their “investigation”?

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     Lauren Bello 

    Thank you so much for posting for me @thegilded!

    So, I think I received almost word-for-word the exact same call that @erisbonn received from Mason. Some key phrases:

    “I’m not a monster, contrary to what you might have heard.”

    “Do you remember that song, when they played that song from the 90s rock and roll band Hole with the name Violet? Do you remember that?”

    “Do you realize that they do that on purpose? You do realize that, right? I’m not joking, Lauren, I’m not joking. …It’s how the synergy that controls their power, tell me you get that, tell me you get that.”

    “I’ve got a whole team of fucking scientists that have years’ worth of proof. This isn’t something that someone like YOU should take lightly.”

    “I will for the life of me never understand why her and Katy Perry can’t see eye to eye when they both seem to be wearing personas and they’ve both clearly been hurt before.”

    “Sometimes I listen to popular music to calm me down, you know? (sings)”

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    Well that’s fucking weird as hell. Wonder if they rang you @daela cos they couldn’t get ahold of me?? The ONE night I pass out early…

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     Robert Fuller 

    I’m confused about the faith part. Mason used the word “crest” to Violet, which makes more sense (although it still seems to contradict Briarberg’s interest in science), because they were talking about tattoos. But “mark yourself with faith” is odd language, especially since they were talking about pets.

    “They” don’t have to make it sound like fiction. Briarberg’s already doing a good job of that.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    This is some real glitch in the Matrix kind of business. Was Mason part of an OOA-style fiction that is now being taken over by somebody new, and they reused one of the old “scripts” by accident?

    Is there an attempt to restore a backup of the deleted EI data happening – and is recreating a previous experience a sort of baseline reference test to check the integrity of that data? (This would explain why @erisbonn had been the original target of the call.)

    One other idea: we know that OSDM had outposts and chapters all over the world. We never knew what narrative constructs were being used to collect data in those chapters. What if they operate like a restaurant franchise, with the same exact story (menu) and characters doing its thing around the world – and this is another Experience bleeding through for reasons unknown?

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       Robert Fuller 

      This makes sense, actually. Because why bring up “Violet” by Hole with Daela?

      Maybe Briarberg is just Katy Perry’s publicist, trying to get us to listen to her music. That’s the only answer that makes sense to me at this point.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    I think this is to show that Briarberg will use the same “narrative” yet end up with different results that are more “palatable”.

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     Lauren Bello 

    I’m still thinking about what this call could have meant.

    1) Mason was never real, he had a script, and now someone else is reading from that script.
    2) Mason was a pre-programmed persona/personality, which has now been written into this woman, perhaps via helmet
    3) The caller was fucking with us or with Mason
    4) Mason was real, and he has now used brainwashing techniques to create Other Masons, an army of Masons
    5) The call was an example of voice-mimicking technology, and was put together by someone who had a recording of Mason’s original call

    Any possibilities I’m missing?

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     Kyle Bown 

    6) Mason was real and his methods for getting data were so effective they are now trying it with someone else. (In this version he is the original and this caller is a copy.)
    7) Mason started from a script but fairly quickly veered off it when he found a participant he clicked (became obsessed) with and went off the rails. (In this version, there is only a script for the initial stuff, and maybe other parts of what Mason did, but he spent most of his time not working off the script)

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     Robert Fuller 

    8) Someone is trying to discredit Briarberg and make it look like theater.

    Applying Occam’s Razor, I’m going with 1 and 7.

    @daela Did you recognize the voice? Did it sound like Jaime or could it have been someone else? I just think it’s so strange that she refused to identify herself, and didn’t say she was from Briarberg. That’s one of the major differences between this call and Mason’s.

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    So in Slack yesterday we were spitballing an idea about if Lauren’s call was a reboot of a storyline – that could’ve been intended to be repeated with the same participants, but since poor Violet was sleeping, got tranposed to Lauren which could mean that the whole thing would involve different participants to the first run-through…

    The next call from Mason was to Kevin two days later… Will someone be receiving that call tonight? ?

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    Crazy theory time! This might sound stupid as shit, but I’m going to say it anyway. The differences in the two calls using marking with Mason’s “crest” and with the woman’s “faith” are interesting to me. I think the only symbol of faith that we have seen is the OOA symbol. Does Briarberg actually believe in Anoch? If the OSDM created a fictional religion to create emotional responses, what if Briarberg believes it and wants to actually recruit? What if the “alternative” is the actual religion? Megan got that call a couple months ago talking about the two books of Anoch. The caller mentioned that the book of Anoch we saw wasn’t the real Book of Anoch implying that there is a real book. At The End, Sabrina was told that the only thing they couldn’t program out of her was her faith. What if this is her working with Briarberg, hence Mason getting the list of the 91?

    I just checked into the lyrics of the Hole song for a revisit. Enter sense of doom here.

    “I told you from the start just how this would end.
    When I get what I want, then I never want it again
    Go on take everything, take everything, I want you to.”

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