10.31 – Birthday Calls From Noah and Mason

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       Meghan Mayhem

      As the self-appointed Queen of Spooky round these here parts, as is appropriate my birthday is today, Halloween.

      Some familiar voices decided to call and send their wishes tonight.

      First up was Noah.
      “Hey girl, it’s your boy.”
      I asked who it was, as its been a while since I’ve heard that slick motherfucker in my ear.
      “Listen. Can’t talk long, they could be listening. But happy fucking birthday. Think I’d forget about you, huh? See you soon.”

      Up next was Mason, who graced me with such classics as pregnant pauses, amused sighs, mischievous chuckles, and occasional sniffles.

      He actually had some quite kind things to say, which is surprising considering I haven’t exactly been…warm and welcoming to him across the board.
      He asked what my favorite candy was.
      “Reeses cups, aye? Not chocolate, not peanut butter…both. It doesn’t know what it is.”
      He wished me a happy birthday and asked me what I was up to. We spoke a little of why the day suited me. I asked what he was up to and suggested he was “under some bodies.” He laughed.

      He told me he was proud of me for going to school (I recently started nurses aide training)

      “School is a good look on you.”
      “Thanks, I guess I’m good at this shit.”
      “I look forward to seeing what you get up to in the medical field.”
      “Yeah. Maybe one day I’ll be fixing your little projects.”
      “Or helping with them. Goodnight.”

      Happy birthday to me.

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      Noah called my for my birthday too, back in April. Fucking stand up guy, that one

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I got a rock.

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